Spelling Blizzard is a edutainment game released in 1996. The game focuses on improving an individual's skills in spelling. The player is guided by an eskimo named Yobi and his bird crackers.


The player plays as an Eskimo who arrives on a raft on each level. The player must collect letters of a particular word in order on each level to past. There are objects such as snowballs and ice cubes which the player can use to travel and avoid enemies. Mackerels can be and used to stun certain animals and you can then push them.


Wind Demon
Blows the player in a specific direction
Fire Demon
Shoots fire at the player but its range is limited.
Dart Demon
Shoots arrows at the player.
Stalks player and can kill him if it touches the player
Polar bear
Can kill player if he come close to it. Polar bears can be stuned by mackerels
Abominable snowman
Stalks and throws small snowballs to disorient player movement
Walks in a straight path back and forth. The moose can kill the player if he collides with it.
Stalks the player and swims around. The player can stun it but it is also too heavy to move.
Walks around and swims around randomly. The player can stun it.
Killer whale
Swims around and can provide transportation when shot with a mackerel.