Spicy Horse (simplified Chinese: 麻辣馬Template:; pinyin: Má là mǎ) is a Shanghai-based independent, video game developer started by American McGee in 2007.


The studio was established in 2007. It was called a studio "leading the way" in episodic games.[1][2] It is currently the largest independent Western developer in China.

Spicy Horse employs more than 70 people at their studio in Zhabei District, Shanghai. The company's development process utilizes a "core team" methodology and 100% outsourced art asset production to conserve energy directed at the core competencies of game development.


Their first title, American McGee's Grimm, was released on GameTap in July 2008 in an episodic form and ran through March 2009. It was built using Epic's Unreal Engine 3.

Spicy Horse is developing the sequel to American McGee's Alice for Electronic Arts, titled Alice: Madness Returns.[3] Additionally, they have produced a child-company, Spicy Pony,[4] for created digital mobile media games for the iPhone. Their first title, DexIQ was released in early December 2009.


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