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Note that cheating can disable achievements

  1. moreMoney - $1000000 in space or civilization
  2. refillMotives - Replenish your health along with other motives.
  3. unlockSuperWeapons - Super Weapons are unlocked with this cheat code.
  4. addDNA - Get 150 DNA points.
  5. freeCam - Toggle a Free Cam around.
  6. capturePlanetGIF - Captures and saves a spinning image of your planet which is then saved in your AnimatedAvatars directory.
  7. antiAliasGIF - Captures and saves spinning GIF of the planet you are on and deumps to AnimatedAvatars directory
  8. SetTime - Setting the time for your Avatar's position, and can also be a speed multiplier.
  9. Killallhints - Gets rid of all hints.
  10. freedom[on / off] - Toggles, disables (on) or re-enables (off) editor complexity limits. Creations that break the limits will not be pollinated!
  11. help - List of commands (cheats).
  12. help -full - More detailed description of commands.
  13. option - Option list.
  14. prop - Display/Modify properties.
  15. clear - Clear console.
  16. levels - Level Cheats.
  17. levels -unlock - Unlock all phases. Jump to any phase with this cheat. Some #achievements may not be gained if you choose to use this code.
  18. history - Gives you a list of your last commands.
  19. spaceCreate - Unlocks and recharges creation tools while playing in space.
  20. pauseUIVisible - Sets or toggles whether the pause frame is drawn.
  21. toggleCaptureUI - Toggles UI for image capture.
  22. movie - Video cheat.
  23. styleFilter - Unique Spore look.
  24. styleFilter -filmNoir
  25. quit - Quit game.

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