St. Martial

Money that comes to St. Martial, stays in St. Martial.

Official NameSt. Martial
Level Range30-40
Zone TypeCity
Area2.72 square miles
Arena Access?Yes
TrainerArbiter Hayes
Task Force
Strike ForceIce Mistral
Hero Corp Field Analyst
Fortunata Fateweaver-2227, 127, 1453
Zone Events
Monster SpawnsLongbow Ballista (Elite Boss class)
TransportationHelicopter to Warburg, Ferry to Sharkhead Isle, Nerva Archipelago, Grandville and Cap Au Diable
Hero Groups* Longbow
* Dockworkers
Villain Groups* Arachnos
* Devouring Earth
* Freakshow
* The Family
* Tsoo
* Carnival of Shadows
* Wailers
Contacts* Ian the Shark (Broker)
* Isabel the Knife (Broker)
* Basse Croupier
* Hard Luck
* Hardcase
* Jezebel Jones
* Johnny Sonata (requires Obsessed badge)
* Slot Machine (requires Gangbuster badge)
* Vivacious Verandi
Exploration Badges* Deuces Wild: -3325, -29, -435
* Paroled/Crimelord: -895, 10, -1496
* Stonekeeper: -2560, 120, 3007
* Camel Snot: -1885, 596, 2048
History Plaques
Connected Zones


Despite its high level, St. Martial is one of the nicest areas of The Rogue Isles. If you like gambling, at least. The island is dominated by The Giza, a huge pyramid-shaped casino owned by the famous singer Johnny Sonata. There are many smaller casinos to the north, and a large field has been taken up as ground for the Carnival of Shadows. To the east are the typical run-down neighborhoods of the Rogue Isles, and to the west are ports and an Arachnos base.

The main threat facing St. Martial the past few years has been the diminutive demons, the Wailers. Their exact goals are unclear, but they spend most of their time attacking various decorative statues around the island, or causing mischief. This has brought the demon-hunter Hardcase to the island, and there's also lots of work to be found in the Giza for those who can pull themselves away from the slots.

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