The game is a fighting and action type of game. Staggy The Boyscout Slayer II.

The game is divided into rounds. The rounds only last one minute... During that time, your objective is to kill different armies of Boyscouts. There are different kinds of enemies. You will be up against Regular Boyscouts, Armored Knights (With Machete), Black Knights, Invisible Knights (With Sickle). The Regular armored knights carry machetes, and crossbows. The Black Knights carry Iron swords and laser particle projectile cannons. The Ghosts carry Sickles or Scythes, and they are able to shoot the laser projectiles with their hands. The Ninjas only carry samurai swords and throwing stars. The original boy scouts carry Tree Branches, Bows and Arrows, and Normal Broadswords. The game is a survival game, not a storyline base game. This means that the game never ends. The sceneries just keep recycling in later levels with harder enemies.  

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