Tutorial 1: Building and beaming

  • Mouse controls and moving around the station
    • Right-click: Open and close interfaces
    • Left-click: Interact with objects, menus, buttons
  • Camera controls
    • Scrolling: cursor keys or move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen
    • Changing height: Mouse wheel or Insert and Delete keys
    • Looking around: Hold middle mouse button or hold (right) ctrl while moving the mouse
  • Beaming crates to buffer and onto deck (left-click)
  • Reading messages and dismissing them (left-click, right-click to minimize without deleting)
  • Unpacking crates
    • Right-click to open unpack interface
    • Left-click to unpack
  • Building rooms
    • When a rooms blueprint is blue it can be legally placed. It turns red when it cannot.
    • Left-click to place or pickup
    • Left-click and drag to rotate
    • Click 'Accept' to begin building

Tutorial 2: Advanced building and Aliens

  • Unpacking and placing equipment
    • Right-click to open unpack interface
    • Left-click to unpack
    • Left-click to place or pickup
    • Left-click and drag to rotate
  • Placing rooms with variable sizes
    • Left-click to place
    • Drag to change size and shape
    • Left-click to fix size and shape, place or pickup
    • Left-click corner to unfix size and shape
    • Click 'Accept' to confirm placement, size and shape
  • Placing furniture
    • Left-click to place or remove
    • Left-click and drag to rotate
  • Adding more furniture to an already placed room
    • Right-click on room
    • Click 'Edit Room'
    • Place furniture
    • Click 'Accept'
  • Opening unoccupied segments
    • Right-click on bulkhead door
    • Click button to confirm
  • Interacting with Aliens
    • Right-click on alien to open interface
    • Right-click to dismiss

Tutorial 3: Cargo and Trading

  • Build a Cargo Hold
    • Must be placed next to hull
  • Open a Trade window and trade cargo with a passing ship
    • Left click on trader message, click accept to open trade interface
  • Learn the advantages of having a Cargo Hold
    • Cargo will decay if left on a deck
  • Learn how to use the Cargo Hold
    • Right-click to open Cargo Hold interface
    • Left-click to view and remove crates from the Cargo Hold and beam them to pattern buffer
    • Left-click on empty space in Cargo Hold to beam from pattern buffer to Caro Hold
    • Scuzzer droids will also move crates from the deck to the Cargo Hold

Tutorial 4: Biodeck Basics

  • Learn the controls that allows the player to adjust the height of land and water, and the temperature and moisture of soil
    • In the HUD (top-left corner), use the left most triangular button to adjust the land height: left-click to raise, right-click to lower, and both buttons to flatten
    • The second button raises and lowers water levels
    • The two right most buttons adjust moisture and temperature
    • The rectangular buttons control the area of effect of the other controls: left most being weakest and right most being strongest
    • The lock button toggles the biodeck controls on and off

Tutorial 5: Combat and Conquest

  • Which Alien employees will fight
    • Kasvagorian, Grekka Targ, Grey and Groulien Salt Hogs
  • Muster Points
    • Right-click and hold to create
    • Left-click on a muster point to gather peeps and to increase importance
    • Right-click on a muster point to decrease importance and remove it
  • Targeting
    • Left-click to target
  • Set other station occupants to Foe
    • Open the station management panel and click on "Overview" tab
    • Left-click on opponent to set to Foe
  • Breaching and capturing segments
    • Right-click on bulkhead and left-click on breach icon to initiate a breach. Security scuzzer will breach the lock.
    • To take control of new segment, once open, right-click on lock on far side, left-click on capture icon and security scuzzer will try to capture the segment.


Mission 1: The Groulien Workers Party

Most hardplan and technology crates are provided.


  1. Build the basic facilities
  2. Build a Recycler and hire employees
  3. Build more facilities as you expand your station
  4. Build two ComSensors
  5. Heal the visiting Diplomat
After receiving a distress call, give them permission to come aboard. VAL explains that if you had a Sick bay you could heal the Diplomat.
  1. Trade with Arona Daal for a Sick bay, requires 6000E
  2. Build the Sick bay, equipping it with at least one Diagnosis Unit
  3. Hire a Grey visitor to heal the Diplomat and You Win!

Mission 2: The Grey Council

The main objective is to set up a Space Hospital. You must cure 100 patients before 10 patients die. You must also keep the facility clean to pass the health inspections. If the Health Inspectors give you three warnings you will be shut down.


  1. Build basic facilities
  2. Build a Sick bay
  3. Buy and build a ComSensor
  4. Cure 100 patients before 10 die or you are shut down by the Health Inspectors
  5. Build facilities on the Pleasure Deck for residents and visitors

You can buy additional facilities and goods from Arona Daal.

Suggested additional facilities:

  • ComSensor
  • Recycler
  • Litter bins
  • Dispensers
  • Love Nest
  • Medical Supplies
  • Scuzzer droids

Incoming Patients

If you build a ComSensor, you will receive messages of incoming patients. Should you cure all of the patients from a party, you will receive an Energy bonus of 15000E. This is an essential source of Energy. Passing a Health inspection also provides a bonus of 10000E.

Mission 3: The Targ Collective

Set up a Cargo Trading Facility and collect 100000 Energy.


  1. Build the basic facilities, a ComSensor and a StarDock
  2. Trade with passing ships until you have collected 100000E.

The Traders

  • The Grey - They sell Lavotrons, Sick bays, Medical Supplies and equipment. They buy Luxury Goods, and ComSensors.
  • The Sirens - They sell Luxury Goods and Discos and Love Nests. They buy Medical Supplies and equipment.
  • The Targ - They sell Hardware Supplies, Power Boosters, Black Market Goods and Cargo Holds. They buy Factories and Industrial crates.
  • The Salt-Hogs - They sell Mineral Ores, Litter bins, Industrial Materials, Factories and Recyclers. They buy Hardware Supplies and ComSensors.

Suggested additional facilities:

  • Disco
  • Cargo Hold

VAL also suggests a Factory

Mission 4: The Galactic Rehab Authority

Run a Convict Rehabilitation Centre. Rehabilitate 100 convicts before 10 escape. You will receive 1000E for each rehabilitated convict but lose 2000E for each that escapes.


  1. Build the basic facilities as well as a Lockdown Brig with several Cells
  2. Rehabilitate 100 convicts before 10 escape


  • Room planning is a big part of this mission as the slow-moving Security Scuzzers must escort each prisoner to their cell. Prisoners tend to stick near the port unless violence breaks out (and it will), and then they scatter making it harder for Scuzzers to apprehend them.
  • If there are no unoccupied cells the Scuzzer cannot arrest the prisoner, so remember to expand when needed/have the energy.
  • Beam Security Scuzzers near convicts that are getting ready to leave (the circle above their heads turns from green to red).

Mission 5: The Turakken Committee

Research 20 new technologies.

Suggested research order:

  1. Industrial Materials -> Factory
  2. Luxury Goods -> Love Nest
  3. Industrial Goods -> Scuzzer Mk I
  4. Scuzzer Mk I -> Security Scuzzer
  5. Love Nest -> Disco
  6. Medical Supplies -> Sick bay
  7. Litter -> Litter bin -> Lavotron -> Recycler

The rest is up to the player.

Mission 6: The Karmarama Commune

Grow and harvest 50 food crates within 100 rotations and expand your station.

Objective 1:

Grow 50 Food crates in 100 rotations.

Objective 2:

Occupy 4 entire segments (all three decks) of the station before your opponent.

Suggested Biodeck customization:

Use the Biodeck tools to create a landscape that is very hot and very moist (a lush green with occasional cracking). This will grow vegetation that produces mostly food crates very quickly.


  • You will need two cargo holds to hold all 5o crates. If you don't have room don't harvest too soon before Arona is scheduled to arrive. Otherwise your food crates will decay and become damaged goods.
  • Although VAL suggests it, do not buy a StarDock. You will be given one after you complete the first objective.
  • After you have completed the first objective change the terrain on the Biodeck so that you have a diversity of goods to trade.

Mission 7: The Kasvagorian Kingdom

Mission 8: The Zedem Conclave

Hire 12 Zedem Monks and convert 12 penitents to perform the Ritual of Ascension before your opponent. You will be given 5000E for each penitent converted.


  1. Build the basic facilities
  2. Hire 12 Monks
  3. Convert 12 penitents
  4. Perform the Ritual of Ascension before the opponent (requires no action from the player, begins as soon as the requirements are met.)

Incoming Pilgrims

If you build a ComSensor, you will receive messages of incoming pilgrims.


  • Tired Aliens are more likely to become penitents.

Mission 9: The Polvakian Aristocracy

Open one extra section on technical deck, so you have to pay only 4000e per 10 turns. This will be enough to wait while all three opponents will be fired. Build a comsensor and sickbay, hire targs and greys - incoming ships with sick passengers aboard will help you greatly, presenting 10 000e for elimination of plague. Moreover, Zedem monks will pay you 5000e for each "converted" alien. Don't forget about pleasure deck, but always look on turn counter before buying something. Hire farmers to earn some easy money selling goods from trees and plants.

All three opponents spread their influence on 10-12 segments and were fired. Be patient - and you'll win.

Mission 10: The Siren Agency

General Tips

Hiring employees

  • If your station's pleasure deck is not adequately equipped, it is best to hire employees as soon as they arrive.

Finding and disarming bombs

As soon as you get the message that a bomb has been planted on your station, pause the game. Find a security scuzzer and click on it to beam it into your pattern buffer. (It will not show there but as soon as you unpause it will.) Try to find the bomb. It is easier to see when its blinking light is on so you may have to unpause briefly if you paused when the bombs blinking light was off. Once you have found it drop the security scuzzer near the bomb to disarm it and unpause the game. Or if you find the bomb in a search for a scuzzer you can just beam it up and recycle it.

Aliens are unable to enter a room

Sometimes an Alien will get stuck in the door to a room, blocking it. To correct this problem remove and replace the door.


Originally researched by a_morris.

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