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The Star Fox series debuted on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Famicom in 1993 as an excuse to show off what the SuperFX chip could do. It created these things called polygons that could someday replace sprites. The series was primarily Nintendo's rail shooter. It was not until 2002 where Rare took the property and made a spin-off adventure game.

The series follows Fox McCloud and the current roster of the Star Fox team, as they fly throughout the Lylat System defending it from danger. When they're hired to. Their primary weapon is the Arwing, a spacecraft with lasers and bombs, though as recent games have shown, they're not immune to going down on foot and clumisly shooting enemies.

See Category:Star Fox universe for all characters, ships, planets, and more within the Star Fox universe.

Games in the series (in order of release)

Star Fox series
Star Fox | Star Fox 2 (cancelled) | Star Fox 64 | Star Fox Adventures | Star Fox: Assault | Star Fox Command
Star Fox
Star Fox | Fox McCloud | Falco Lombardi | Slippy Toad | Peppy Hare | James McCloud | Krystal | ROB 64
Star Wolf
Star Wolf| Wolf O'Donnell | Leon Powalski | Panther Caroso
Andross | Pigma Dengar | Andrew Oikonny | Aparoids
General Pepper | Prince Tricky | Arwing | Wolfen | Great Fox | Landmaster | Blue-Marine | Lylat | Corneria | Venom | Sauria

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