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Cheat Mode

  • Go to a shortcut to the game, like the one on the desktop
  • Right-click it and go to properties
  • Click on the Shortcut tab, and go to the very end of the shortcut path
  • OUTSIDE the quote marks, enter a space, and then enter -TestMode (Without quotes)
  • Use this shortcut to enter the game
  • In the game, the Quick Battle button is replaced with Test Only
  • Click this to go to any level in the game
  • Go to tactical display mode and use the following cheats

Code Effect

  • Ctrl + Shift + R - Completely Repair Target
  • Ctrl + Shift + K - Damage targeted subsystem by 25%
  • Ctrl + Shift + Q - Gain 10 Quantum Torpedoes
  • Ctrl + Shift + G - God Mode

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