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Star Trek: Hidden Evil is a third-person action/adventure video game released in 1999 by Activision. It was developed by Presto Studios for Windows 95.


The game is a sequel to the ninth Star Trek movie, Star Trek: Insurrection. Plunged into the wake of the events following Star Trek: Insurrection, the player becomes embroiled in a plot to harness the destructive powers of a coveted genetic seed. The player must engage alien forces and outwit foes in a series of challenging missions, to prevent the United Federation of Planets from falling victim to a ruthless archenemy.


The game features the voice talents of two of Star Trek: The Next Generation's main cast, Brent Spiner (as Data) and Patrick Stewart (as Jean-Luc Picard), as well as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine recurring actresses Salome Jens and Judi Durand.

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