Cheat Codes

All planets (PS2)

  • When in the Select Battle (in Any Planet Selection Screen) press Square Circle Square Circle on the PS2 to unlock all planets.


Goofy characters

  • When starting a profile enter your name as Jub Jub. This will cause all troops to be much shorter, and have unlimited ammo. It is case sensitive, so the "J"s must be capital, and the "u"s and "b"s must be lower case.
  • Also when you enter the "Jub Jub" cheat and you play with the campaign single player mode, the rebels pilots head will be gone AND his helmet will be about 6 feet above his body.


Kamino Glitch

If you go from the cloning center down the right hallway(looking at the main door, west), there should be a gonk droid. Jump on top of it. Then walk towards the corner of the wall, until you fall behind the gonk. Lay down. You should be able to crawl through the wall. Stand up and walk around. If you can make it past the invisible walls, you can shoot at the command post, any shots at you will hit the wall which you are behind. I know it sounds complicated, but once you figure it out, it is a great tactic for the CIS.

Killing Jedi and Sith

  • Land a fighter (X-Wing, TIE Fighter) on the Jedi/Sith.
  • Run them over with a speeder bike.
  • Throw grenades, and shoot rockets at them when they are next to cliffs.

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