Star Wars DroidWorks is an educational video game made by Lucas Learning, where the purpose is to create a droid using many different parts that can be assembled in almost endless combinations and have said droid complete a mission. These missions are where the educational properties come into play, as the missions puzzle specifies, it will teach the player about Energy, Force and Motion, Simple Machines, Light, and Magnetism.


On Tatooine, there is a droid factory that the Galactic Empire has set up. So the rebellion sends C-3PO and R2-D2 and you, a rebel agent disguised as a Jawa to complete missions leading to the secret droid factory and to reprogram the evil droid army. but first you must win the trust of your fellow Jawas. To proceed to the droid factory, you must complete eight training missions and four top-secret missions with task-specific requirements. Such as 'Droid must be magnetic, Droid must be able to see in the dark, or Droid must weigh less than one-hundred kg'. This allows you to complete the mission. For example, if there is a magnetic tram that picks up your droid and moves it, your droid must be magnetic.

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