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Cheat Codes

  • Enable Cheat Codes - While playing, press START to pause the game. Then Hold L+R and press Up, Right, A, START, A, Down, A, START, START. The game will unpause. Pause and select Quit. The codes can now be entered under Password.
  • SPVD - Infinite shield
  • MONG - Infinite continues
  • BLOB - Infinite missiles
  • GOGO - Rapid fire (hold A)
  • FVNK - Unlock all levels
  • 82V2 - Unlock level 1
  • 48TF - Unlock level 2
  • GOON - Unlock Credits
  • F4C3 - View Team Photo

Two secret "Milleni-codes" were distributed in packages of Star Wars PEZ Candy.

  • Level 1 — 82V2
  • Level 2 — 48TF

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