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Cheat Codes

While playing, press 'Enter' to open up the chat screen. Type one of the following codes and press 'Enter' again (Note: Some codes require you to highlight a unit for the code to work)

  • forceexplore - Entire map is explored.
  • forcesight - Remove fog of war.
  • forcebuild - Building, harvest, and research time becomes instant.
  • forcecarbon - Get 1,000 carbon.
  • forcenova - Get 1,000 nova.
  • forceore - Get 1,000 ore.
  • forcefood - Get 1,000 food.
  • suddenly silenced - Buildings/turrets and units do extra damage. (Clone Wars Expansion only)
  • intensify the forward fire power - Ground units become stronger. (Clone Wars Expansion only)
  • the fighters are coming in too fast - Aircraft become faster. (Clone Wars Expansion only)
  • most powerful jedi - Jedi/Sith become stronger. (Clone Wars Expansion only)
  • the force is strong with this one - Jedi/Sith converting becomes faster. (Expansion only)
  • tarkin - Destroy all civilizations except yours.
  • darkside(1-8) - Destroy a specific civilization according to their # (1-8).
  • skywalker - Win the battle.
  • that's no moon - Get a Death Star. (Clone Wars Expansion only)
  • imperial entanglements - Get a Star Destroyer. (Clone Wars Expansion only)
  • tantive IV - Get a Rebel Blockade Runner. (Clone Wars Expansion only)
  • galactic upheaval - Get a Decimator. (Clone Wars Expansion only)
  • simonsays - Get Simon the Killer Ewok.
  • scaryneighbor - Get a Bongo Marauder (a motor boat).

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