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Cheat Codes

Choose Options > Passcodes:

  • IGIVEUP - Unlimited lives
  • TOUGHGUY - Permanently unlock all upgrades
  • DEADDACK - Unlock all levels
  • CHICKEN - Play AT-ST Bonus level
  • DIRECTOR - Permanently unlock Showroom
  • MAESTRO - Permanently unlock Concert Hall
  • FARMBOY - Unlock the Millennium Falcon
  • HALIFAX? followed by !YNGWIE! - Permanently unlock Naboo Starfighter
  • TIEDUP - Press Up while highlighting the Millennium Falcon to select the TIE Interceptor
  • KOELSCH - Replace V-Wing with a 1969 Buick Electra
  • ACE - Hard mode
  • RADAR - Add depth perception to radar
  • HARDROCK - Main menu change #1
  • BERGLOWE - Main menu change #2
  • WUTZ! - Main menu change #3
  • BLAMEUS - Team photo
  • CREDITS - View Credits
  • Secret Messages - During the entire ending sequence, hold C-Right to see secret messages on the bottom of the screen.

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