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Cheat Codes

Go to Settings > Codes:

  • XUCPHRA - Invincibility
  • KAIBURR - Infinite Force power
  • BELSAVIS - Fast Force and health regeneration
  • 021282 - Unlock everything in the game
  • JAINA - Unlock all attack and Force upgrades
  • KORRIBAN - Unlock all Story Missions
  • NARSHADDA - Unlock all Bonus Missions
  • TANTIVEIV - Unlock all Duel Arenas
  • ZABRAK - Unlock all duelists
  • COMLINK - Unlock all movie clips
  • AAYLASECURA - Unlock all Concept Art
  • NATHAN G - Enables pink text
  • SUPERSABERS - Some characters get huge lightsabers in certain levels
  • 071779 - Mini Battle Droids

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