One reason to explore the lesser known parts of the galaxy is that you may discover a rare artifact on the surface of some planet. There are a handful of artifacts in the entire galaxy, so they are quite valuable finds. They are placed in your character's personal inventory and will improve your character. Even if you find an artifact you don't necessarily want, you can trade it to someone who does for a nice price. To find artifacts, you should buy the Captain's Stash in a port. It normally takes 5 or 6 of these drinks before the bartender will tell you the location of an artifact. Sometimes the bartender will not tell you the location of an artifact. In that case, move to a different port and buy some drinks there. You can also find Artifacts with a Neutrino Scanner. Use the Neutrino Scanner in each system to figure out if there are any artifacts (See section below on scanners). There may be more than one Artifact on a planet.
Here are the artifacts one might find and what they do:

  • Oracle of Wonders - Increases your Wisdom by 2.
  • Intergalactics' Spacesuit - Bestows +2 Dexterity upon the wearer.
  • Beautiful Aura Necklace - This device increases Charisma by 2.
  • Persuasive Pulsator - Helps you haggle better prices from port merchants.
  • Cloak of Disguise - This cloak helps in port robbery.
  • Intergalactics' Map - Decreases the amount of warp fuel used to warp by 0.5.
  • Shield Emanator - Damage sustained by your ship is reduced by approximately 1/7.
  • The Superconductor - Increases ship's energy generation speed.


There are four star bases that sell hardware to equip a ship with. One base is only accessible by having a very low reputation; this base is referred to as the 'Pirate base.' Costs of hardware are shown in the following table.

Item Cost Comments
Nuke 50,000 at Pirate Base, or 250 Admirals Tokens Approximately 2000 damage. Purchased only from the Pirate base or with tokens. Can also be built in a colony's Weapon Factory. Also can lock on to Avengers.
G-14 Negotiator 15,000 Approximately 900 damage. Purchased from any base.
Mines 10,000 Approximately 1000 damage. When detonated carefully, it only does around 300 damage. Purchased from any base.
Beacons 500 Leaves a short message for all to see. Placed in space or on a planet. Purchased from any base.
Biodome Kit 40,000-2,090,000* The foundation of colonies. Purchased from any base.
Flak Cannon 25,000 Deals approximately 100 damage and gives splash damage. It will slightly disrupt the turning of your craft. Purchased from any base.
Laser Cannon 75,000 Deals 200 damage. Reduces energy. Bounces off objects. Purchased from any base.
Shields 20** Shields are a ships primary protection against attack. Purchased from any base or port.
Cargo Holds 2,500 Used to carry resources & colonists. Purchased from any base or port.
Plasma Shooter 1,000 Poor standard weapon, 30 damage with high rate of fire & low energy use. Bounces off objects.
Fusion Blast 1,250,000 Long-range projectile weapon with 80 damage, low energy use, and high rate of fire. Bounces off objects.
Explosive Charge 375,000 Projectile weapon with up to 500 damage, slow traveling, slow rate of fire & high energy use. Detonates upon impact.
Graviton Beam*** 3,000,000 Weapon with auto-aim and average range. Can attack three targets at once. Passes through objects. Can not lock on to Avengers even if you have scanners.
Hellbore Laser 50,000 Weapon with average damage applied as long as its in contact with the target, and medium range. Blocked by objects.
Death Ray 120,000 Weapon with very short range and high damage.
Broadband Scanner 800,000 Scans the whole system, returning the combined weights of all planets. Uses 3 fuel.
Neutrino Scanner 1,500,000 Scans the whole system, returning the weights of planets individually. Uses 5 fuel.
Tactical Scanner 500,000 Displays shield percentage of other ships.
Battle Scanner 1,000,000 Displays shield percentage of other ships. It also reveals cloaked Avengers.

* This amount varies between servers. 40k is the standard price, while 2.09mil is normally found on the PAX (no PK) servers.

** Prices are subject to Supply and Demand at ports with 20 being price at full supply, bases always sell for 20.

*** Be careful, also locks on to your teammates (unless they're in your corporation) or non evil people! Don't get too close to them!

Planet Resources

This guide is to show you how much product you need on each type of planet to build every structure on the planet. This table is useful to allow you to start building up your product stock so that when one structure is finished you can immediately start on the next structure and not face any delays due to not having enough stock on the planet. Besides the special buildings, which are included in the numbers, rest of the buildings require the same resources from planet to planet, thus these numbers reflect that assumption. Source: User - Silurian Forum article :

Metal Ore Anaerobes Medicine Organics Oil Uranium Equipment Spice Total
Arctic 2700 1300 800 1100 1700 1650 1850 1150 12,250
Desert 2800 1300 800 1100 1800 1450 2350 850 12,450
Earthlike 2600 1300 900 1600 1600 1450 1850 950 12,250
Greenhouse 2800 1500 800 1100 1600 1450 1950 1050 12,250
Mountainous 2700 1300 800 1100 1600 1750 1850 950 12,050
Oceanic 2600 1300 800 1100 2100 1550 1950 1050 12,450
Paradise 2600 1600 800 1100 1900 1450 1850 950 11,450
Rocky 2600 1300 800 1100 1900 1450 2350 950 12,450
Volcanic 2900 1300 800 1100 1600 1450 2150 1250 12,550


Colonies have a morale level, indicating the general mood of their citizens. Are they happy with their lives in this colony, or destitute? Morale generally goes down over time, but can be increased by a low tax rate setting. Government type can influence morale. Large populations tend to reduce morale. The radio receiver structure helps increase morale once built, as does the broadcast receiver and the Artesian well. The charisma attribute of the owner character slightly helps morale as well. In order to reach unity status, a colony needs a morale total of about 800 morale points. At -300 morale points, colony will reach revolt. The following is a list of morale levels from angriest to happiest, with any special affects that apply to that level of morale.

Morale State Points Additional Effects
Revolt -300 Construction stops, no tax revenue, military production is diminished, research is ineffective
Hopeless -150
Broken -75
Downcast -37.5
Steadfast 50
Content 100
Happy 200
Jubilant 300
Unity 800 Construction speed doubled


The occupation of colonists can be set to research in the biodome management screen. Colonial researchers spend their time exploring their home world and solving problems. The more colonists allowed to research, the greater a colony's chance of making a research discovery. Discoveries are bonuses that will remain with that colony forever. Every colony has its own, independent list of discoveries, even if they're owned by the same character. These are the possible research discoveries that can occur on a colony:

Research Discoveries and Effects
Discovery Effect
Weather Prediction Better reproduction
Geothermal Refrigeration 2x Organics harvest
Industrial Complex Double Flak Cannon Production
*Military Tradition Double Military Workforce
Native Plants 2x Medicine harvest
Advanced Architecture 50% faster construction
Advanced Engineering 2x Equipment harvest
Spectroscopes 2x Uranium harvest
*Commodities Market Liquadate Resources
Drilling 2x Oil harvest
Ecological Equilibrium Reduces pollution
Advanced Aerodynamics Double Missile Production
Superconductors More research output
Bacteria Farming 2x Anaerobes harvest
Spice Mining 2x Spice Harvest
Channel Descrambling Improves Morale

The symbol "2x" means double. If you harvest 0 before the research you still harvest 0 after. Researching takes a bit of luck. You need to set your colonists to work on research, and then give them a day or two to come up with something. There is an element of chance to how soon a discovery will be made, but the more research output the colony has, the greater the chances of making a discovery with each passing hour.

  • Commodities market allows you to sell any resource in the refinery at a reduced selling price.
  • Military Tradition doubles the effectiveness of a colony's defense. For example, a colony with its military workforce set to 25% would defend itself as though it were set to 50%. Remember that the maximum defense strength for any colony is 2,500 colonists, so with Military Tradition and a 5000 population colony, you would only need to set the military to 25% to get the maximum defense strength. This discovery does not effect the Weapons Factory.


All ships are equipped with scanners. You start with short-range scanners until you decide to upgrade to one of the four other types. You can only have one type of scanner at a time. Scanners are purchased in the hardware area of Star Base Shipyards. When buying a new ship, your scanners are transferred to the new ship. A scan can be performed by pressing Alt-S. Results are given as tons of unidentified compounds. This can indicate the presence of other ships, defenses, colonies, aliens, and artifacts in the area. Scanners do not detect defenses or colonies on a greenhouse type planet with an Ion Tower. Here are descriptions of the 5 scanner types and how they are used:

  • Short Range Scanners can be used to scan your immediate vicinity. They can be helpful when you first land on a planet surface if you would like an estimate of what lies on the planet without having to go around and look it all over. When used in space, these scanners report on the solar system space alone, and not any of the planets. Short Range Scanners use up 1 unit of warp fuel.
  • Broadband Scanners are used from space and scan every planet and moon in the entire solar system in one fell swoop. The result obtained is a total, representing the combined tons of all unidentified compounds across all planets and moons in the system. Broadband scans use 3 gallons of warp fuel.
  • Neutrino Scanners operate like Broadband Scanners except instead of reporting the total for all planets, they are capable of scanning each planet individually. So results obtained from these scans are more concise. Neutrino scans cost 5 gallons of warp fuel each use. The Neutrino Scanner shows the total of a planets mass. In order to read the results, use the following. The values the Neutrino Scanner reports are added into one total. Adding structures to a Biodome does not change the reading.

Reported Values
Alien - 5 tons
Artifact - 100
Biodome - 500
Flak Cannon - 25
Laser Cannon - 25
Mine - 15
Beacon - 10
Player - 200
Destroyed Biodome - 500

Here is an example scan:
1 Biodome = 500
14 aliens = 70
125 cannons = 3125

Total reported Neutrino Scan = 3695

Here are the weights to look for:
0-70 = 14 aliens on a tiny or inhabitable planet
0-140 = 28 aliens on a gas giant. It is possible to be an artifact or mines.
150-195 = This is usually an artifact; however, someone could have placed mines.
200-495 = This means some combination of aliens, artifacts, and players. Usually, it's a sleeping player or an artifact.
500-570 = Almost always Biodome with no cannons. Could just be multiple players or artifacts.
Over 570 = Almost always Biodome, likely defended. The higher the weight, the higher the defenses. Subtract 570 (biodome and aliens) and then divide by 25 to get the number of cannons. Sometimes, there will be a sleeping player.
3625-3695 = This means the planet is a fully defended colony containing 125 Laser Turrets or Flak .
Be careful; maps with an extremely wide landing area could kill you before you fly back to the warp. Land on these at your own risk, as you will likely be destroyed if you are unable to immediately take off again. Also, be careful when landing on greenhouse planets because the Ion Tower (a special building) will cause you to scan only the weight of aliens and player ships which makes it appear empty when it is defended.

  • Tactical Scanner are Short Range Scanners that have been modified for combat purposes. When your ship is equipped with a Tactical Scanner, you can see the shields levels of other ships.
  • Battle Scanner are like Tactical Scanners; However with a Battle Scanner, you can see cloaked ships. Just what an Avenger captain fears most!


Ship Comparison

Base Cost



Hardware Slots

Top Speed

Turning Thrust

Energy Regen

Fuel per Warp

Cargo per Fuel

Antarean Speedstar 850,000 5,000 90 8 6,000
Avenger 210,000 6,000 45 8 8,000
Battleship 330,000 12,000 50 8 8,000
Corporate Flagship 720,000 16,000 200 16 8,000
Dreamsower 195,000 2,000 250 8 4,000
Garbage Barge 119,000 4,000 100 24 5,000
Galaxy Whale 595,000 6,000 160 8 8,000 60 400 6 9 17.77
Imperial Starcruiser 2,000,000 16,000 150 8 9,000 60 700 9 9 16.66
Intergalactics Ship 10K Tokens 16,000 160 8 9,000 90 900 9 8 20
Merchant Cruiser 98,000 4,000 45 8 4,000
Merchant Freighter 144,000 5,000 80 8 6,000
Scout Marauder 115,000 2,000 25 8 8,000
Sethdar Cruiser 1,250,000 16,000


8 8,000 90
Tyrolean Falcon 91,000 6,000 55 8 7,000
Vulture 156,000 4,000


8 4,000
Green is best
Red is worst

Ship Comments

Antarean Speedstar - Great fuel efficiency offset by mediocre to poor everything else limit this ship's use to pure exploration. Its special, the Anti-Gravity Bomb, flings other ships away upon impact, although combat should be generally avoided due to the low maximum shields. (Note: with a Wisdom of 10 and three Intergalactics' Maps, the Speedstar uses only 2.5 fuel per warp, making it twice as good as the Dreamsower for moving cargo, with a cargo per fuel rating of 36.00.)

Avenger - This ship's prominent feature is its ability to cloak, leaving only a black outline against the stars and nothing on the minimap. While cloaked, the ship can fire AND receive damage, though the powerful Grav Cannon cannot lock-on. When using the cloak, auto-targeting cannons can still do you damage if you get too close to one, or are in the line of fire between the cannon and another player or NPC. As far as stats go, the important ones for fighting are quite sufficient, but the low shield max require that one rely on stealth.

Battleship - With better shielding and better armaments, this ship is a decent step up from the scout-class ships when looking to attempt combat. However, being in a tie for the worst fuel efficiency in the game, you had better have some warp fuel to burn.

Corporate Flagship - This ship, only buyable by heads of corporations, is decent in most areas but excels in none, and is thus replaced for any specialized job. Its special weapon is the Tractor Beam, which is somewhat awkward to use, but potentially deadly. In addition it also holds up to 18 hardware.

Dreamsower - This ship boasts the largest cargo capacity in the game, along with the only energy-draining special. Those however are the only things it can boast, being weak, slow, and handling sluggishly otherwise. For intersystem cargo movement, the Galaxy Whale is a better choice here, since twice the top speed means the job is done much faster for very nearly the same fuel cost. However, for moving cargo around within a system, this ship can be considered a decent candidate.

Garbage Barge - This is the standard ship for moving equipment. Its one of two ships with more than eight hardware slots, having 24, in addition to its 100 regular cargo slots. The barge itself is dirt cheap and players will often hire a barge for various jobs. Its defensive special weapon can knock out the steering of enemies' ships, giving you the time needed to escape. Having a low top speed but high acceleration, the barge is one of the easiest ships to maneuver.

Galaxy Whale - In order to move large amounts of cargo you want one of the three cargo ships; dreamsower, garbage, or the whale. Of these three, the whale has better shield and speed but costs much more. It’s difficult to control and turn, so even the auto-pilot misses its target a lot. The galaxy whale has a fun and effective weapon called Repel that flings away nearby ships.

Imperial Starcruiser (ISC) - This ship requires a reputation above 5000 in addition to a massive 2 million in credits. Although expensive, its price reflects its features, with the best possible shields, speed, and energy regeneration rate in the game, and above average stats otherwise. Its special, the Photon Torpedo, has decent range and does heavy splash damage.

Intergalactics' Ship - This ship costs 10,000 tokens (10 USD), and is the only ship in the game that can be bought with real money. Beware! This ship's distinct purple glow will make you a target for other players, and dying means you lose this ship and must repurchase it. There is a 8,500 token refund given for death or trade in. The ships special weapon is the Firewave, which fires an arc of projectiles which do not cause splash damage but bounce off of obstructions and is very deadly.

Merchant Cruiser - This is the stock starting ship, and the only good thing about it is that it's free. Its Afterburners special is unique in that it affects your speed, but most experienced players immediately trade this in for either the Tyrolean Falcon, Garbage Barge, or Scout Marauder, since all three are buyable with starting money and materials.

Merchant Freighter - An overall improvement on the Cruiser, there is nothing to recommend this ship over other better choices except its special weapon, Point Defence, which can auto-target any projectiles in close proximity to your ship and destroy incoming nukes, missiles, and solar blasts.

Scout Marauder - This ship has only its fuel efficiency to brag about, since its top speed is rarely reached due to its poor thrust, and its special weapon Reverse Guns is merely a slightly more powerful version of the stock Plasma Cannon that fires backwards.

Sethdar Cruiser - The top choice for players with a reputation of -1000 or lower, this fine ship can only be bought at the Pirate Base Chernyj Almaz. It handles and thrusts better than the ISC, but loses in a straight race. Its special weapon EMP Blast can temporarily knock out the thrusters of enemy ships. However, their turning and weapons will still be fully operational.

Tyrolean Falcon - This is probably a better choice for a starting ship for most beginning characters, being cheap, relatively fast, and having a the ability to eject other ships' cargo with the Cargo Disrupt weapon, as well as being able to generate shields by jettisoning cargo.

Vulture - With the worst fuel efficiency and speed, and poor everything else, this ship definitively claims the title of the most special-use ship in the game, with its Surface Missiles having the longest range of any weapon in the game plus an unlimited supply, which makes them perfect for assaulting planetary defenses.

Warp Fuel

Every character has an amount of warp fuel. Warp Fuel is used every time a warp portal is entered to make the jump from one star system to another. One warp jump costs about 10 units of warp fuel (the actual number varies depending on the type of spaceship making the jump). Warp Fuel is automatically generated for every character, at a constant rate over time, regardless of whether or not the character's human controller is online or offline. A typical setting for warp fuel generation speed in a game of SGE is 1 unit every two to three minutes. If you want to make a jump but don't have enough warp fuel you'll have to wait for it to generate. On the other hand, if you have not logged on to the game for 24 hours or so, you will find that 24 hours worth of warp fuel (about 480-720 units) has accumulated for your character. Also, you can jettison up to 500 spice each day, gaining one gallon of warp fuel per unit of spice consumed. You can check your spice quota at any time using the "/spice" command. Entering the atmosphere of a planet requires 1 unit of warp fuel, and docking at a port also requires 1 unit of warp fuel. The warp fuel gauge on the console displays how much warp fuel your character currently holds.

Text Commands

Any text input without a command before it will be a radio message to your current system. Here is the list of commands you can use while playing:

  • /c - or /corp - talk to corp
  • /e go - or /e come or /e warp - commands your escort
  • /r - or /reply - reply to a private message
  • /s - or /shout - shouts to all players
  • /t <user> - or /tell - tell something privately
  • /tc <member> - or /tellcorp - talk to the entire corp of <member>

  • /hug <user>
  • /laugh <user>
  • /kiss <user>
  • /nod <user>
  • /salute <user>
  • /shake <user> - or /handshake
  • /smile <user>
  • /wink <user>
  • /give <user> <amount> - gives <amount> credits to <user>
  • /givetokens <user> <amount> - gives <amount> tokens to <user>
  • /help - displays a screen giving general information about Starport
  • /tips - turns on the tips feature
  • /tutorial - command replaced by /tips
  • /bug <bug> - used to report an error with Starport
  • /changepassword <old> <new> - changes your account password
  • /idea <idea> - used to submit an idea
  • /max - maximizes all info windows
  • /min - minimizes all info windows
  • /news - displays game news
  • /news <#> - displays old news
  • /ping - ping yourself
  • /ping <user> - returns the latency of a player
  • /spice - displays the amount of spice converersion you have left
  • /time - displays the time
  • /cancelun - cancels UN protection on the colony you are inside
  • /givecolony - give your corp use of the colony you are inside
  • /makeceo <corp member name> - makes <corp member name> the CEO
  • /namecolony <name> - give the colony you are inside a name... no spaces
  • /takecolony - take or give the use of the colony you are inside
  • /bounty <user> - displays bounty of <user>
  • /char <user> - or /character - displays profile of <user>
  • /ignore - displays a list of the people you are ignoring
  • /ignore <user> - ignores all messages from <user>... <user> can send you two mails
  • /pro <user> - or /profile - displays profile of <user>
  • /who <user> - or /whois - displays profile of <user>
  • /clearmail - deletes all mails in your mailbox
  • /mail <user> <subject> <body> - mails <user>... <subject> is limited to one word
  • /readmail - prints all your mails in the chat box
  • /go <coords or name> - or /goto - goes to system
  • /m - opens map
  • /map <coords or name> - maps system
  • /warp - emergency warps
  • /where <system> - returns the coords of <system>

More Help

Look at the Star-Pedia which you can reach from the menu system or by pressing Alt+E. Choose the "COMPUTER" menu followed by "STARPEDIA." The menus appear any time the mouse is moved up to the top of the screen or when you press the ESC key with no info screen up. You can also type /help for a quick list of all commands.

You can also get some help on the Official Forum [1] Here you can get tips from other players, This will normally be your primary means of game support as the small development team can be slow to reply. Veterans of the game are always willing to give some sound advice to the new guy in town.

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