FANDOM[1] is Sony Online Entertainment's portal that is the home to its many PC, Console, Casual and Mobile games. It is the home to many MMORPG's including EverQuest, EverQuest II, The Matrix Online (now defunct), PlanetSide, and Star Wars Galaxies, which have gained hundreds of thousands of paid subscribers.

While offers many free online games and trials,[2] there are many "pay-to-play" games that require a "Station Subscription".

As a convenience to its subscribers, SOE provides a "all-in-one" packaged subscription called "Station Access" that provides access to all of its premium games.[3]

Arcade Games

Multiplayer (M), Downloadable (D), Browser Based (B)


Multiplayer (M), Downloadable (D), Browser Based (B)

Trivia Games

Multiplayer (M), Downloadable (D), Browser Based (B)

Strategy Games

Multiplayer (M), Downloadable (D), Browser Based (B)

MMO Games


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