Stray Bullet Games, LLC is an American video game developer that was founded in June 2006 by Frank Lucero, Ala Diaz, Ivan Enriquez, and Mike Madden. The company currently operates out of Austin, Texas. Stray Bullet Games was created by individuals originally employed at Wolfpack Studios, Inc., a small company responsible for the development, release, and maintenance of the Massively multiplayer online role-playing game titled Shadowbane. Wolfpack Studios was acquired by UbiSoft in March 2004, and the developers who remained went independent again in May 2006, this time led by Frank Lucero and Mark Nausha.

Mark Nausha is currently the president and CEO of Stray Bullet Games, LLC

Prior to their departure from Ubi Soft, the Stray Bullet team was also responsible for the creation of a second expansion pack, Shadowbane:Throne of Oblivion. In May 2006 Stray Bullet Games was contracted by UbiSoft to maintain and develop the Shadowbane live service.[1]

On January 12, 2007 Stray Bullet Games officially announced the development of a new untitled MMORPG based on original intellectual property.[2] On July 1, 2009 Stray Bullet's contract with Ubisoft ended, and the Shadowbane servers were closed for good.[3]

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