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Cheats can be enabled in the hidden options menu on the main menu. Some cheats don't need a code to work

How To enter word cheats: go to your garage, type the cheat in, and click the screwdriver on the top of your screen.

Garage Cheats

  • testme - Get any car in the game (sometimes the cheat will crash your game)
  • letmeroc - Enter ROC (Race of champions)
  • reddevil - Places you in the red club and gives you 1st place
  • begformoney - Adds 100k to your game

Cheats while Driving

  • F9 - Free camera aim, use PgUp, PgDown, A, Z, Num+, Num- to move the camera
  • Num0 - FreezeTime
  • Enter - Slow Motion
  • 1 - Repair Car
  • 2 - Stops the car immediately

Event List Cheat

Go To the "event list" menu and press R to enter the race with no requirements

Kits in Catalog

This cheat enables Engine Kits, Body kits and suspension kits in the parts catalog


Disable or Enable Auto-Saving your career mode\

Ghost Driver

Make your driver go away. (Buggy Feature)

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