Publishing director
Laura Clark
Executive Director
Michael Perry
Byrt Martinez
Product Manager
Corinne Finegan
Associate Product Manager
Lisa Laverty
Lead Programer
Jason Shankel
Game Programing
Heather Mace, Michael Perry, Tricia Jimenez, Ed Nanale
3-D and Application Programing
Ed Goldman, Paul Pedriana
QA/Testing Manager
Frank Vigil
Testing and Quality Assurance
Keith Meye(lead tester), John Ylinen, Shannon Grey, Owen Nelson, Myka Macareg, Russell Johnson, Zir-Paul Macareg, Marc Meyer, Liam Patterson, Serdar Copur, Scott Shicoff, Ken Mace, Andy Derber, Mike Jeffress, Adrian Booker, Joe Ellis Jason Dendler, Sean Blair, Mike Lawson, Adam Moore, Joeseph Vaughan, Trevor Powell
EASM Quality Assurance
Lambert Doria, Andy O'brien, Rico Sablan
Localization Manager
Knutt Grossman
Localization Associate
Kathleen Robison
Honorable Mention
Joe Longworth, John Koller, Tom Forge, Kim Vincent, Todd Wysuph, John Csicsery
Original Concept
Micael Perry
Designed By
Jason Shankel
Additional Design
Heather Mace, Joe Longworth, Michael Perry, Tom Forge, Shannon Galvin, Keith Meyer, Bob Sombrio
Scenario Design
Keith Meyer, Owen Nelson
Lead Artist
Shannon Galvin
Game Artists
Kevin Kraus, Rick Macaraeg, Ocean Quigley, Hyla Lacefield, Michael Marguia, Kok Wee Lim, Mimi Marcaraeg, Charlie Aquilna

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