Striga Isle

The ever-watchful Council.

Official NameStriga Isle
Level Range20-29
Zone TypeHazard
Area2.71 square miles
Arena Access?No
Task ForceMoonfire (23-27), Ernesto Hess (25-29, requires unlocking through contacts)
Strike Force
Hero Corp Field Analyst
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone Events
Monster Spawns
TransportationFerry to Independence Port and Talos Island
Hero Groups
Villain Groups* Banished Pantheon
* Council
* Family
* Sky Raiders
* Warriors
Contacts* Stephanie Peebles
* Long Jack
* Tobias Hansen
* Lars Hansen
Districts* The Maw
* The Bog
* Bonny Morass
* Port Noble
* The Wolf's Throat
* Council Base
Exploration Badges* Super Spy: -6655, -15, -2458
* Sea Dog: -470, 0, 1021
* Vulcanologist: -5346, 875, -794
History Plaques* Ghost Hunter Plaque 2: 3383, 88, 1002, Pedestal
* Ghost Hunter Plaque 3: -271, 104, -2517, Wall Mounted
* Ghost Hunter Plaque 4: -2667, 8, -414, Wall Mounted
* Ghost Hunter Plaque 5: -2534, -24, -2113, Wall Mounted
Connected Zones


Striga Isle has an origin quite similar to The Rogue Isles, it's just a lot smaller. An island in international Atlantic waters, it has no official government and has long been used as a port by smugglers and the like. The island basically has three sections: the port city, where the Family, Warriors and Council fight for control, the bog & graveyard area, filled with Banished Pantheon and Council monsters, and the Council base built up around the volcano region. This is the largest Council base in City of Heroes, and perhaps the most impressive of all groups save Arachnos itself. There is also a smaller Sky Raider base near the bridge between the two main halves of the island. Any hero who comes to Striga will find themselves spending most their time fighting the Council, including bigshots like Maestro and Burkholder.

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