Construction yard

Cost: $5000 (deploy MCV)

This is the central building of any base. It allows the construction of structures.

Power Plant

Cost: $300

These are needed to power your base. They are cheap, but vulnerable to attack. The power output of a power plant is determined by its health, so keeping them in good condition is important.

Advanced Power Plant

Cost: $700

This gives twice as much power as a normal power plant. Definitely needed for bases later on when more power output is needed fast.


Cost: $300

This is where GDI infantry are trained. More barracks speeds up training of infantry. Also lets player build base defense structures.

Hand of Nod

Cost: $300

This is where soldiers of Nod are trained. Having more constructed will speed up infantry training. It also lets player build base defense structures.

Tiberium Refinery

Cost: $2000

Both factions need to harvest Tiberium. Constructing a refinery gives a free harvester. When a harvester finishes harvesting, it will return to unload at the refinery. One refinery can hold $1000 worth of credits, and its destruction may cause these funds to be lost.

Tiberium Silo

Cost: $150

These are used to store excess tiberium in case your refinery cannot hold more. They hold an extra $1000 each. If captured or destroyed, its stored funds are deducted from your credits.

Communications Center

Cost: $1000

Building this turns on the minimap display and allows the construction of advanced technology.


Cost: $2000

Nod's vehicles are shipped in by air. One of these are needed to construct vehicles. If vehicles are built too fast, there is a waiting period before the next aircraft can go and deliver the next vehicle. It is unknown where Nod's vehicles come from.

Weapons Factory

Cost: $2000

GDI prefers to construct their war machines in a factory on the field. Building a weapons factory lets you build vehicles.

Repair Bay

Cost: $1200

If damaged vehicles are sent here, they get repaired and funds are deducted based on the amount of health that needs to be recovered.


Cost: $1500

Construction of helipads gives the option of building helicopters. Orcas for GDI, Apache for Nod. Helipads are needed for helicopters to reload. A free helicopter comes with each constructed helipad.

Guard Tower

Cost: $500

Anti-infantry defense that can tear through infantry. Its guns can also damage light armor with ease.


Cost: $600

Anti-tank defense. It shoots further range than a guard tower, but is inaccurate against infantry.

Advanced Guard tower

Cost: $1000

A dangerous long-range defense structure that can fire missiles far before most enemies apporoach. It is effective against aircraft, light vehicles, and infantry.

Obelisk of Light

Cost: $1500

A frightening ground defense structure. It fires a high damage laser that will severely damage armor and kill infantry and some light vehicles in a single hit.

SAM Site

Cost: $750

Anti-air defense for Nod. It fires two missiles.

Advanced Communications

Cost: $2800

Supplies radar and gives the player uplink to GDI's space-based ion cannon.

Temple of Nod

Cost: $3000

Gives Nod the ability to use their Nuclear Strike attack.

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