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Stunt Cycle is an 1 player (2 players alternating) arcade game by Atari Inc., originally released in 1975.[1] It attempted to cash in on the Evel Knievel craze of the mid 1970s by allowing the player to perform their own simulated jumping stunts.


The game is housed in a custom cabinet that includes a simulated motorcycle steering column mounted on the control panel. One handle provides acceleration, and the steering column can be pulled back to produce "wheelies". The monitor is a 19-inch black and white CRT monitor with a black and white overlay that adds giant tubes to the play field used to traverse from one split level to another. Sounds include a motorcycle roar, crash sounds, and crowd cheers.


The player attempts to gather enough speed to jump an increasing number of buses with his motorcycle.


  • Two dedicated console versions were released by Atari in 1977. Atari's own branded Stunt Cycle version that played several Stunt Cycle variants, and the Sears Tele-Games version called Motocross that included the same Stunt Cycle variants and 16 Pong games played with detachable Pong controllers.[2]
  • A port for the Atari 2600 was in the works in 1980 by Atari programmer Bob Polaro. Using full color graphics, it was decided upon completion to turn it in to a Dukes of Hazard game instead. Neither game was released and both only exist in prototype form.[3]


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