Su-27 Flanker: Squadron Commander's Edition is a realistic flight simulator released in 1997 on compact disc. Developed by Strategic Simulations, the game contained a realistic and detailed flight model in a less competitive graphics shell, allowing the game to run on relatively minimal computer system requirements at the time. Set in the Crimea in modern times, the game offers a chance to pilot the Sukhoi Su-27. Air-to-air combat against other aircraft with notable artificial intelligence, as well as ground attack and bombing missions, can be played. Su-27 Flanker: Squadron Commander's Edition consists of a mission editor and 150 available missions in addition to the actual flight simulator.

Sound in this game is not compatible with modern operating systems such as Windows XP. In order to hear sound, the user must download a patch found on the Reisun website. A series of utilities designed to enhance the original content can also be found there.

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