Secrets locations


  • One is to the right of the Submachine cab. The player has to zoom in on the machine to be able to get it.
  • One is in the chair in the only accessible room from outside.
  • One is right above and to the right of the small chamber where the fork is, right before heading inside the lighthouse. (It is pretty hard to see.)


  • On the first floor, the first room on the left from when the player first enters (i. e. the room with the stairway that leads up to the second floor), there is one in the wall. The player has to count five tiles over (from right, heading left towards the stairs) at the bottom right corner, then count four tiles up for this one.
  • In the stairway, the player clicks up two floors and there is a secret in the debris pile on the left.
  • On the second floor, there is one on the light rig that can be switched on in the hallway. (Note: according to the game, this is actually the first floor, however, logically for this write-up it is actually the second floor the player is on.)
  • There is another one in the last room on the right in the debris pile.
  • There are two in the sewer pipes.
  • There are three in the red room in the sewer pipes with the Letter to Liz in it. One is straight above the manhole on the floor, another one is to the right not far from it, and a third is in the little chamber right of center.
  • On the third floor, on the farthest room on the right on an end table is a small sculpture that moves whenever the cursor is placed on it; the player must zoom in on it to get the secrets. On the sculpture are four secrets. (Note: the game counts this as the second floor, due to the second floor key unlocking its door, but logically it’s the third floor for this page.)
  • Climbing nearly all the way to the top of the lighthouse (while still outside), and taking the right path is one below the light casing (below the puzzle).
  • Inside the final climb to the top, taking the left path (opposite of the right path where the player puts the fuses at the end of that tunnel) is a secret.
  • In the first (top) room of where the portal is a secret at bottom left near a cord.
  • There is a secret in the digout tunnel.

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