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Suikoden Tactics is a tactical RPG unlike Suikoden I, II, III, or IV. Most of the game takes place after Suikoden IV.


Rank E

Furball Patrol

  • Client: Alley Sanitation Squad
  • Quest: Clear out the furballs infesting the backstreets of Razril. If we don't keep them under control, they multiply like mad.

Shop Clerk Wanted.

  • Costs: 200 Potch, 5 days
  • Rewards" 1200 Potch, 500 Skill
  • Client: Rune Master of Razril
  • Quest: I need someone to mind my shop while I attend to some pressing business. Persons with high level of Magic ability are encouraged to apply.
  • Notes: Send a character with at least 12 MAG to succeed.

Suikoden series
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