Summon Night (サモンナイト samon naito?) is a series of RPGs (mixed with elements of a visual novel based dating sim.) The series is developed by Flight-Plan, published by Banpresto and with character design by Izuka Takeshi, spanning many different systems including the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance and its latest game on the Nintendo DS. A popular series in Japan, the series has never officially been brought to the United States until the release of Summon Night: Swordcraft Story for the GBA on July 26, 2006, much like another Banpresto series—Super Robot Wars. Its popularity in Japan has also spawned novels and drama CDs.

The World

All of the Summon Night games takes place in Lyndbaum, a world similar to medieval Europe with the inclusion of modern factories and railroads, placing Summon Nights in a steampunk setting. Lyndbaum is surrounded by four other worlds: Loreilal, the land from where mechanical creatures come; Silturn, the land of yokais; Sapureth, where angels and demons live; and Maetropa, from where half-humans, magical beasts, fairies and other mythical creatures hail. Besides those four there are also countless other worlds, including our world (the "real" world) where the main characters of the first game are transported from.

Certain boundaries separate the worlds from each other, making the various summoning techniques the only way to transport things between them.


The games from the main series are all strategy RPGs. They take place on the same world and in the same continuity, but the stories don't have much connection.

  • Summon Night (January 6, 2000)
    Released for the PlayStation/remade for Nintendo DS.
  • Summon Night 2 (August 2, 2001)
    Released for the PlayStation/remade for Nintendo DS.
  • Summon Night 3 (August 7, 2003)
    Released for the PlayStation 2.
  • Summon Night 4 (November 30, 2006)
    Released for the PlayStation 2.

The following games are action-RPGs in the style of Ys or Seiken Densetsu.

The following three games are action-RPGs with battles in the style of the Tales series.

The following game is a RPG with turn-based battles in the style of the Final Fantasy series.

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