Publisher Distributed through Berlios
System(s) Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, Unix, anything with SDL
Players 1

SuperTux is a free, open source computer game inspired by Super Mario Bros.. You may immediately download it. The game is a sidescrolling platform adventure starring Tux the Linux penguin. The current version is "SuperTux milestone 1" or "SuperTux 0.1".


Supertux 0.1 is a very lightweight game, and does not even need 3D acceleration. There are attempts to port it to hardware such as the Zaurus PDA or the PSP. However, the upcoming 0.2 version uses OpenGL and will require 3D acceleration.

The story

SuperTux has a story similar to Super Mario Bros. in that the hero must set off to free a hostage taken by the villain.

At the beginning of the game, the following text is scrolling:

Penny gets captured!
Tux and Penny were out having a nice
picnic on the ice fields of Antarctica.
Suddenly, a creature jumped from
behind an ice bush, there was a flash,
and Tux fell asleep!
When Tux wakes up, he finds that Penny
is missing. Where she lay before now
lies a letter. "Tux, my arch enemy!"
says the letter. "I have captured
your beautiful Penny and have taken her
to my fortress. The path to my fortress
is littered with my minions. Give up on
the thought of trying to reclaim her,
you haven't a chance! -Nolok"
Tux looks and see Nolok's fortress in
the distance. Determined to save his
beloved Penny, he begins his journey.

Tux must pass through several levels before arriving to Nolok's fortress. To keep the suspense, this page does not disclose the ending of the game.

The Game


As you can see on the screenshot displayed on this page,You have a limited number of life,but don't worry,you won't have to restart the game from the beguining when you die:you don't loose your progress

The only thing is that within a Level,when you die and you have some life remaining,you restart from the last automatically saved point inside the world,and so if you loose all your lives you will have to start from the beguining of the world


Your progress is automatically saved


The normale game is simple and can be done by anyone,but without being too much simple and boring

Some world of the Bonus Island at the opposite,are very difficult

you have several bonus such as __IMAGE__ that give you a normal size __IMAGE__

__IMAGE__ that turn you in a firetux __IMAGE__

while the normal sized tux doesn't give you an enormous advantage(when you get hit by enemies you don't die but you are changed into a small tux that die if he is hit by enemies) the firetux gives you an enormous advantages,loosing this capability(by being changed into a normal tux,because you were hit by an enemy) can render the level much more difficult,spedially in the Bonus Islands

Mabe the reason why the supertux developers have made some hidden world is to permit the user to rapidely re-acquire this firetux state That can be very useful for a person that isn't very skilled at videogames

Bonus Island

In the 0.1.3 version of SuperTux there is 2 bonus island

You must finish the game(the normal world) in order to unlock the 2 Bonus island

At First sight that seams to be 2 supplementary level,but in fact that is a lot more than this:

The normal World
World screenshot 01
  • Some Indications on levels
  • The Leveldot green indicate that you have finished the Level
  • The Leveldot red indicate that you have not finished the Level,that could be an accessible level such as the one you are trying to finish or any other level that are not yet accessible
  • The Teleporter is a teleporter,most of the time it teleport you to home but some of theses don't,in order to be teleported you jest need to do on it and press enter,just like when you enter a level
  • The Snowman indicate nothing,he is just here to tell you that there is no road

The normal World

  • The World include 26 Levels(to be verified)
Bonus Island I
Bonus Island I screenshot 01

Bonus Island I

  • The Bonus Island I include 22 Levels(to be verified)
  • This is the Bonus island Main Screen,when you go on the Teleporter you are teletransported into a world that looks like the second image
Bonus Island I screenshot 02
Bonus Island II
Bonus Island II screenshot 01

Bonus Island II

  • The bonus Island 2 include 28 Levels (to be verified)

the counting of the nubber of level in the bonus level is very inprecise...: the folowing is an example for the Bonus Island I

cd /usr/share/games/supertux/levels/bonus1
ls -l | grep -c .stl

Game data =

  • Initially released April 3, 2003
  • 0.1.3 is the last version of SuperTux milestone 1; it contains the bonus levels, "Bonus Island" I and II

Microsoft Windows

Windows 95
despite of the fact that it works very well,it is too slow(unplayable 2.5 is very difficult to play at such framerate but i managed to finish the first level) on a pentium 166 laptop with 16MB of ram (windows 95 is also very slow,mabe it need to be reinstalled...),it is faster without open-gl(mabe the laptop has no 3d acceleration)
i don't have reactos so i tested it with Wine 20050725 on gentoo(i have no sound in wine(i have to look why) so i couldn't have tested the sound...),there is no mouse and a fullscreen problem with kde(you can see the kde bar) but i install it without problems and it is playable


Gentoo has SuperTux 0.1.3 on amd64, ppc, and x86 architectures.

Further information

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