SuperVillain Studios is a video game development company that develops for the Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and the PlayStation Portable.

Company Profile

SuperVillain Studios (SVS) was founded in January 2004 by Tim Campbell, Steve Ganem and Chris Rausch in Costa Mesa, CA. The original team consisted of 6 members, whose first duties were levels and online programming for Tony Hawk's Underground 2, which was primarily developed by Neversoft. The team grew steadily through steady contracts with Activision, eventually developing the original title, Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony, on the PSP for 2K Games. The title was built using the company's internally developed cross-platform engine, Automaton, which is known for its versatility. Automaton was also used to develop flOw PSP for Sony Computer Entertainment and Order Up! (Wii) for Zoo Games.

According to the company website, "...SuperVillain Studios was founded on the belief that the key to developing outstanding video games is to combine talented developers with a creative and fulfilling environment." SuperVillain Studios is composed of a group of veteran game developers from companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Neversoft Entertainment, Westwood Studios, EA, Interplay, Troika, and Point of View. SuperVillain Studios intends to create games that appeal to both the mass market and hard-core gamers.

SuperVillain Studios developed one original IP for the Wii, named "Order Up!". Another IP for Wii is rumored however, no information regarding the second title has been disclosed as of yet.


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