Super Drift Out (スーパードリフトアウト Supa Dorifuto Auto?, "Super Drift Out")[4] is a Super Famicom rally racing game that takes place all over the world. All races in this video game are based on the 1994 World Rally Championship season. Two different types of background music (normal and hard beats) and three racing levels (easy, normal, and hard) provide challenges for all ages and sizes. The top six times are tracked in each of the rally legs; including the super special stage.


General gameplay

The player has to finish among the top six race car drivers at the end of each full round. Failing to complete this task will end the game with premature elimination from the world rally. Licensed rally cars from around the world are included in the game for every car. The only exception is the European edition of Ford Escort due to licensing issues; rally races are never done using the North American model. As a result, the make of the American vehicle was renamed Tord as a licensing workaround.

The first level is intended for the player who is new to the game. If the player beats the game at this level, he will be told to try a harder level and will be given the closing credits. Normal games start at the second level; the full credits are given out after beating the game. However, the player doesn't have to deal with the realities of crashing his or her vehicle yet. The third level is the expert's game because crashes become a clear and present danger at this difficulty level. Crashing the car will send the player back to the start, where the time is reset for another chance (and all automobile damage is fixed). After beating the most difficult level of the game, the full credits are played out and the player achieves full mastery of the game.

All three levels can be used in either the world rally mode or the time trial mode. Target times are reduced when a harder level of difficulty is introduced in the race.

Rally events

Flag Country Name of Race Winners in 1995
Template:Country data England England Rally GB Colin McRae and Derek Ringer
Template:Country data France France Tour de Corse Didier Auriol and Denis Giraudet
Template:Country data Greece Greece Acropolis Rally Aris Vovos
Template:Country data Sweden Sweden Swedish Rally
Template:Country data Finland Finland Rally Finland Tommi Mäkinen and Seppo Harjanne
no flag Africa Safari Rally Yoshio Fujimoto and Arne Hertz


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