Super F1 Circus (スーパーF-1サーカス?, "Super F-1 Circus")[3] is a Formula One video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Released exclusively in Japan, this would be intended towards an audience of Formula One race simulation fans. This video game comes with Mode 7 graphics to enhance the Formula One racing experience.[4] Although GameFAQs calls it an "arcade racing game," there enough elements of simulator games to make it so that brute speed and not braking at turns are simply not enough to consistently win races.



The player gets to drive open-wheel racing cars in the 1992 Formula One season and can choose between exhibition mode or a multi-season career mode.[5] After a pre-determined number of seasons, the player retires from Formula One complete with closing credits. Many of the drivers of the 1992 Formula One season be chosen. Famous races like the Canadian Grand Prix and the Monaco Grand Prix are driven using the top-down perspective.[5]

Realistic flags representing cautions and full speed racing are used along with the signal that ends the race. Each of the six important instruments of the race car have a "bar of health" that goes from blue (signifying perfect health) to yellow (indicating a caution) and eventually to red (which means a completely disabled part). The goal is to keep as many of these parts outside the yellow or red at all costs. Otherwise, the player will have to visit the pits for needed repairs.


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