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Super International Cricket is a cricket game for the Super Nintendo that was released in Australia, Europe and Pakistan in 1994. The sequel to International Cricket on the NES, it was developed by Melbourne House (as Beam Software) and published by Nintendo.

It features much improved graphics over International Cricket and gameplay superior to all modern cricket games. However, Super International Cricket also suffered like its predecessor by missing official team and player licensing, has a one-track sound loop and one stadium.

Melbourne House followed Super International Cricket with two sequels, Cricket 96, which was developed in 1996 for EA Sports, and Cricket 97 the year after that.

Facts about "Super International Cricket"RDF feed
ContentTypeVideo Game +
DeveloperBeam Software +
DisplayNameSuper International Cricket +
European Release1994 +
European SNES Release1994 +
FeaturesSingle-player + and Multi-player +
GameCatVideo Game +
GenreCricket + and Sports +
InputGamepad +
MediaSNES Cartridge +
NameSuper International Cricket +
NamePageSuper International Cricket +
NamesSuper International Cricket +
PageNameSuper International Cricket +
PageTypeVideo Games + and Games +
PlatformSuper Nintendo Entertainment System +
PlatformTypeConsole +
PublisherNintendo +
RegionEurope +
SNES Release1994 +
StatusReleased +
Year1994 +

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