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The Super Mario Advance 4 : Super Mario Bros. 3 -e cards featured downloadable content for Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3. The cards were power ups that were added to your inventory, tips and extra levels. The cards required two Game Boy Advance systems, an E-Reader, and a copy of Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3.


  • Super Leaf (Power Up)
  • Wild Ride in the Sky (Level)
  • Super Mushroom (Power Up)
  • Fire Flower (Power Up)
  • 1-Up Mushroom (Power Up)
  • Airship's Revenge (Level)
  • World 4-6 Unlimited 1-Ups (Tip)
  • Frog Suit (Power Up)
  • Hammer Suit (Power Up)
  • P-Wing (Power Up)
  • 3 Super Leaves (Power Up)
  • 5 Starmen (Power Up)
  • 8-Item Set "Super Mushroom, "Fire Flower, Super Leaf, Starman, P-Wing, Frog Suit, Hammer Suit and Tanooki Suit" (Power Up)
  • 5-Up Mushroom (Power Up)
  • Orange Switch (Power Up)
  • Slidin' the Slopes (Level)
  • Doors o' Plenty (Level)
  • Magical Note Blocks (Level)
  • Piped Full of Plants (Level)
  • Classic World 1-1 (Level)
  • World 1-1 Speed (Level)
  • World 1-2 Unlimited 1-Ups (Tip)
  • World 2-2 Toad's Hidden House (Tip)
  • World 5-5 Toad's Hidden House (Tip)
  • World 7-2 Toad's Hidden House (Tip)

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