Played by the gamer-renowned, Video Game Pianist (a.k.a. Martin Leung).

The Entire Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack. (Excluding the Ending Theme.) The track takes a little while to load, because it so, well to be blunt, big.

Thanks to the Video Game Pianist for playing the themes.

The Soundtrack can also be found on Nintendo-Daily. [1]

The Entire Super Mario Bros. Soundtrack

*** All themes have the prefix "Super Mario Bros."***

  1. Overworld Theme (1-1)
  2. Underworld Theme (1-2)
  3. Castle Theme (1-4)
  4. Victory Theme (After beating a level)
  5. Underwater Theme (2-2)
  6. Star Theme (After acquiring a Starman)
  7. Ending Theme (The ending. Duh.)

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