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This is a list of cheat codes to type in while playing a level. You cannot save your game after using cheat codes.

  • needashell - Reserve box holds a green shell.
  • needaredshell - Reserve box holds a red shell.
  • needablueshell - Reserve box holds a blue shell.
  • needayellowshell - Reserve box holds a yellow shell.
  • needaturnip - Reserve box holds a turnip.
  • needa1up - Reserve box holds a 1-UP.
  • needamushroom - Reserve box holds a Super Mushroom.
  • needaflower - Reserve box holds a Fire Flower.
  • needaleaf - Reserve box holds a Super Leaf.
  • needatanookisuit - Reserve box holds a Tanooki Suit.
  • needahammersuit - Reserve box holds a Hammer Suit.
  • needaniceflower - Reserve box holds an Ice Flower.
  • needanegg - Reserve box holds an egg with no contents.
  • needaplant - Reserve box holds Toothy, a plant that can smash through bricks and defeat enemies.
  • needagun - Reserve box holds the Billy Gun.
  • needaswitch - Reserve box holds a P-Switch.
  • needabomb - Reserve box holds a SMB2 Bomb.
  • needashoe - Reserve box holds a Kuribo's Shoe
  • itsamemario - Changes pplayer into Mario.
  • itsameluigi - Changes player into Luigi.
  • ibakedacakeforyou - Changes player into Peach.
  • anothercastle - Changes player into Toad.
  • iamerror - Changes player into Link.
  • supermario128 - Clones player 128 times.
  • supermario64 - Clones player 64 times.
  • supermario32 - Clones player 32 times.
  • supermario16 - Clones player 16 times.
  • supermario8 - Clones player 8 times.
  • supermario4 - Clones player 4 times.
  • supermario2 - Mario and Luigi appear. Push down and the drop item button to switch from Mario to Luigi.
  • 1player - Enables 1-Player Mode. Will delete any clones from the supermario codes.
  • 2player - Enables 2-Player Mode.
  • bombsaway - Spawns a bomb in the character's hand.
  • firemissiles - Spawns a Bullet Bill in the character's hand.
  • greenegg - Spawns an egg with a green Yoshi.
  • blueegg - Spawns an egg with a blue Yoshi.
  • yellowegg - Spawns an egg with a yellow Yoshi.
  • redegg - Spawns an egg with a red Yoshi.
  • blackegg - Spawns an egg with a black Yoshi.
  • purpleegg - Spawns an egg with a purple Yoshi.
  • pinkegg - Spawns an egg with a pink Yoshi.
  • coldegg - Spawns an egg with a cyan Yoshi.
  • stickyfingers - With this, you can grab and hold any NPC.
  • donthurtme - This enables invincibility, although you can still fall off of edges.
  • framerate - Works like framerate code. Shows the current framerate.
  • speeddemon - The game's frames go as fast as possible, so the entire level's events happen faster.
  • shadowstar - Makes the player pitch-black. Allows the player to walk through walls.
  • hammerinmypants - Spawns a friendly Hammer Brother in your hands.
  • wariotime - Turns all on-screen enemies into coins.
  • stophittingme - Hits you.
  • boingyboing - Gives you a trampoline.
  • ahippinandahoppin - Allows infinite jumping.
  • wingman - If you have a leaf, tanooki suit, Yoshi, or Lakitu's Shoe, you gain infinite light.
  • captainn - With pause key you can stop time like a clock. (Does not work if pause key is Esc.)
  • moneytree - Gives you infinite coins.
  • flamethrower - If you have a Flower or Hammer Suit, it allows you to do Autofire when holding the run button.
  • sonicstooslow - This enables faster running.
  • imtiredofallthiswalking - Opens all paths on World Map.
  • anothercastle - Changes you to Toad.
  • illparkwhereiwant - Lets you walk around the world map freely.
  • donttypethis - A rain of bombs pour down and explode.
  • wetwater - Toggles the level's underwater status; changes the stage's background and music.
  • iceage - Freezes all enemies on screen (as long as they're affected by iceballs).
  • upandout - Gives you a Propeller Block.
  • burnthehousedown - Spawns a Propeller Flamethrower in your hands.
  • redigitiscool - This code is needed to save the game after using cheat codes.

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