Star Bits

Star Bits have three purposes in the game. For every 50 collected, Mario will gain an extra life. Players can also fire Star Bits at enemies to stun them. Finally, Star Bits can be fed to Hungry Lumas, unlocking new galaxies and planets, or in some cases can be exchanged for a 1up or Life Shroom.

? Coin

Collecting this makes something happen, be it the appearance of items or the triggering of an event such as magical music notes.

Music Notes

These sometimes show up after collecting a ? coin. When they are collected, a musical tune, usually from an old Mario game, is played. Something happens when all the notes are collected.

Life Shroom

Increases Mario's maximum health to 6. However, if Mario's health goes below 4, the maximum will be reset to 3.

Bee Shroom

Gives Mario the ability to fly for a short period of time. He can also climb on honeycomb walls and becomes light enough to walk on flowers and clouds, although he can't hit ? Blocks or pick up Koopa Shells in this state. He'll lose this ability if he comes into contact with water or is hit.

Boo Shroom

Turns Mario into a Boo. This allows him to float in the air and pass through walls by shaking the Wii Remote. Like the Boo's weakness in this game, the transformation will be lost when coming into contact with light or water, if he is hit, or activates a Launch Star.

Rainbow Star

Makes Mario invincible for a short period of time. His speed also greatly increases during this period.

Ice Flower

Transforms Mario into Ice Mario for a short period, allowing him to freeze water or lava that he walks on. The Wii Remote can be shaken to skate on the ice platforms.

Spring Shroom

Traps Mario in a giant coil, allowing him to bounce up extreme heights. Timing jump presses sends Mario higher up, while Wall Kicks are performed automatically. This will wear off if Mario is hit, gets wet or uses a Launch Star.

Red Soar Star

Gives Mario the power of flight for a limited time, similar to Super Mario 64's Flight cap, although less affected by gravity. Mario can pause and hover in mid-air by holding A.

Koopa Shells

Can either be found on their own, or by jumping on a Koopa Troopa. On land, these act as projectiles. Underwater, Mario can ride them at a faster speed than swimming alone, and then fire them. Green shells fire straight whereas Red shells home in on enemies and go faster underwater. In some occasions there are Gold shells, which are used to complete puzzles such as opening a gold chest. Note: Shells can't be picked up by Bee Mario

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