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The Ultimate Party Game Returns!!!
~ Box Art

Super Monkey Ball 2 is the 2002 sequel to Super Monkey Ball, a puzzle platform game developed by Amusement Vision and published by SEGA for the GameCube. It follows the same gameplay from previous games: guiding one of the four playable characters to the end of a stage by hitting the finish line.



  • Aiai
  • Meemee
  • Baby
  • GonGon


  • Dr. Bad Boon
  • Dr. Bad Boon's assistant


Dr. Bad Boon has created a device that is capable of destroying the entire Monkey Island, and Aiai, Baby, Meemee, and Gongon must put a stop to his plans by travelling through the various worlds.


Gameplay follows the typical Monkey Ball format: guide the monkey to the end of the level. Scattered around the levels are bananas, in either one or five-bunch increments, and add to the overall score. Each level has a time-limit and the player's score is dependent on the time it takes to finish the level. If a player falls off the stage, or runs out of time they will lose a life. When the player runs out of lives, they have a chance to continue or quit. Throughout the game, players earn "Play Points" which allow them to unlock new Party Games.


  • Main Game
    • Story Mode (Note: Only Aiai is playable in Story Mode.)
    • Challenge Mode
    • Practice Mode
  • Party Game
    • Monkey Race 2
      • One-Course Race
      • Grand Prix
      • Time Attack
    • Monkey Fight 2
      • Normal Mode
      • Survival Mode
    • Monkey Target 2
    • Monkey Bowling 2
      • Special Mode
      • Challenge Mode
    • Monkey Billiards 2
      • Vs. Mode
      • Tournament Mode
    • Monkey Tennis
      • Singles Mode
      • Doubles Mode
      • Tournament Mode
    • Monkey Golf 2
      • Stroke Play
      • Match Play
    • Monkey Baseball 2
      • Exhibition Mode
      • Tournament Mode
    • Monkey Soccer 2
      • Exhibition Mode
      • Tournament Mode
      • PK Mode
    • Monkey Boat 2
    • Monkey Shot 2
      • One Course Race
      • Grand Prix
      • Time Attack
    • Monkey Dogfight 2
      • Normal Mode
      • Survival Mode

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