Super Ninja Boy (Super Chinese World in Japan) is an action role-playing game released for the Super NES. It features random encounters with side-scrolling battles, although some boss battles are fought with a traditional menu-based system. There are also a few platforming sections.

In single player mode, the main character is Jack. The game can be switched between single player and multiplayer at will, with the second player controlling Ryu. Jack and Ryu share statistics, so one character never overpowers the other.

Super Ninja Boy features a password system to record progress.

It is a sequel to Culture Brain's previous title, Little Ninja Brothers for the NES.


Super Ninja Boy combines classic console role-playing game elements with action game elements. The player controls the main character Jack (or two players can control both Jack and Ryu) through several locations, including towns and caves. There is an overworld map, a scaled-down version of the game's fictional world, with all the towns and dungeons on it that spans several continents. There are also side-scrolling platforming areas that the player must complete as well.


The player randomly encounters enemies on the world map and in dungeons. The player will then choose to "bout" or "run". Escape is not always guaranteed. In side-scrolling battles, the player can jump, punch, throw enemies, use items such as the ninja star, or techniques such as the super jump. Some boss battles are fought in a turn-based classic RPG style.

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