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Super Smash Bros. has a single-player mode where a player can take a character through multiple stages, fighting characters and teams.

Stage 1: Link

A fight against Link on Hyrule Castle.

Stage 2: Yoshi Team

A fight against 18 multi-colored Yoshis in Yoshi's Story. They are extremely weak.

Stage 3: Fox

A fight against Fox on Sector Z.

Bonus Stage 1: Board the Platforms!

Board the Platforms!

Stage 4: Mario Bros.

A fight against Mario and Luigi on Princess Peach's Castle.

Stage 5: Pikachu

A fight against Pikachu on Saffron City.

Stage 6: Giant Donkey Kong

A fight against a Giant Donkey Kong on Kongo Jungle.

Bonus Stage 2: Break the Targets!

Break the Targets!

Stage 7: Kirby Team

A fight against 8 character costumed Kirbys. The last costume varies between Ness, Luigi, Jigglypuff, Captain Falcon, or Kirby's standard costume.

Stage 8: Samus

A fight against Samus on Planet Zebes.

Stage 9: Metal Mario

A fight against Metal Mario on a metal-themed stage.

Bonus Stage 3: Race to the Finish!

Various hazards and members of the Fighting Polygon Team make this more challenging then the Targets and Platforms bonus stages.

Stage 10: Fighting Polygon Team

A fight against 30 members of the Fighting Polygon Team on Battlefield.

Stage 11: Master Hand

A fight against Master Hand on Final Destination.

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