999% Damage - Go into Training Mode in 1 Player Game. Select Mario as your character and anyone else as your rival's. Go to any level and start the game normally. Press Start and select Green Shell as your Item. Unload all of the Green Shells you possibly can into the level. Now, walk up to your opponent, and use Mario's B down move. His attack will freeze mid-way and the Green Shells will rack up 999% damage to your opponent. If you set your opponent on any move aside from Stand, this is very difficult to pull off.



There are 4 additional characters in the game - Captain Falcon, Luigi, Ness, and Jigglypuff. (Note: All characters require you to beat them in a 1-stock battle.)

Captain Falcon
Clear Classic Mode on any difficulty within 15 minutes.
Clear Classic Mode on any difficulty.
Complete the Target Test with all 8 of the original characters
Clear Classic Mode on normal difficulty without using a continue.


Mushroom Kingdom
Clear Classic Mode with the 8 original characters on normal difficulty.

Sound Test

  • Complete both Break the Targets and Board all the Platforms with all characters to unlock the Sound Test.

Item Switch

  • Play 100 Multiplayer Matches to unlock the Item Switch.

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