Unlockable Characters

The below codes feature two different ways to unlock each character; you do not need to do both to complete the requirements. Only once.


  • Use each character as a human player once.
  • Play 400 VS. Matches.


  • Complete a 1-Player mode once with anyone.
  • Play 50 VS. Matches.

Dr. Mario

  • Complete a 1-Player mode once with Mario, without using any Continues.
  • Play 100 VS. Matches.


  • Complete the first stage in Adventure mode with a "2" in the second spot of the timer. Defeat the upcoming battle.
  • Play 800 VS. Matches.


  • Complete 100-Man-Melee mode.
  • Play 300 VS. Matches.


  • Complete a 1-Player mode using Marth.
  • Play 900 VS. Matches.


  • Play a combined time of 20 hours in VS. Mode.
  • Play 700 VS. Matches.


  • Complete Event #37.
  • Play 200 VS. Matches


  • Complete Event #29.
  • Play 600 VS. Matches.

Young Link

  • Complete 1-Player mode with 10 different characters.
  • Play 500 VS. Matches.

Mr. Game & Watch

  • Complete all 1-Player modes with all characters, including unlockable ones.
  • Complete all target tests with all characters, including unlockable ones.
  • Play 1000 VS. Matches.

Unlockable Stages

Stages with (N64) in the name are the stages ripped directly from the first Super Smash Bros. They are basically untouched, even the blurry textures and poor graphics.

Brinstar Depths

  • Play at least 50 versus matches.


  • Play at least 100 versus matches.

Big Blue

  • Play at least 150 versus matches.

Poke Floats

  • Play at least 200 versus matches.

Super Flat Zone

Dream Land (N64)

  • Beat Target Test with all characters, including hidden ones.


Kongo Jungle (N64)

  • Defeat 15-Minute Melee mode.

Mushroom Kingdom II

  • Collect the (random) Birdo trophy.

Final Destination

  • Defeat Event #51

Special Easter Egg Moves

Note that some of these moves may no longer work in future, reprinted editions of the game, most likely the Player's Choice ones.

Samus Aran's Special Grappling Beam

Using Samus as your character, hold down Z (Or R+A, another way to grab) and make a 360 degree motion on the D-pad a few times. If done correctly, an extra long grappling beam will be used by Samus throughout the entire fight. The beam can home in on enemies, but you must press grab again to make it actually hold on to someone.

Fox McCloud's Star Fox Assist

In any of the stages featuring Great Fox, such as Corneria, hit Left, Right, Left, Right on the D-pad so Fox does a specific animation. You will then see a quick cut scene involving the rest of the Star Fox team, styled after Star Fox 64. This also works on the same stages for Falco. This animation is canceled if Fox or Falco is hit, and It can only be done once per battle (whether it works or not.)


This takes practice. Jump, and then immediately do an Air Dodge at a 45° angle. White dust will kick up and your character will slide.

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