Name of Item Function
Super Mushroom The super mushroom will slide on the floor until a player touches it. Then it makes player grow in size and increases his damage.
Poision Mushroom The tiny mushroom will slide on the floor until a player touches it. Then it makes player shrink and increases his damage intake.
Maxim Tomato Restores 50 damage (Player remains invulnerable while HP is being restored)
Heart Container Restores 100 damage (Player remains invulnerable while HP is being restored)
Warp Star An item from the Kirby series which causes the player to fly off the screen and blast back down creating an explosion
Ray Gun A gun with 16 shots that shoots green energy and pushes the opponent back
Super Scope A gun that can shoot 38 small burst of energy or can be charged and shoot 3 large burst
Fire Flower Shoots a stream of Fire. Has enough energy to fire for six seconds straight.
Lip's Stick If the player hits an enemy with the lip's Stick, The enemy will grow a flower on their head which will slowly damage them until they rotate the analog stick to get rid of it
Star rod An item that fires a star when the player is performing a smash attack. (Sheik will fire 1 additional stars and Captain falcon will fire 2 additional stars)
Beam sword a sword that increase the range and damage of melee attacks
Home-Run Bat A weapon that delivers massive damage when the player uses the smash attack button
Fan An item that breaks the enemy's guard when thrown at them.
Hammer An item that causes the user to swing the hammer around wildly and does 22 damage per a hit. After a period of time the head of the hammer will eventually break causing it to be useless.
Green Shell A green Koopa shell from the Mario series. When thrown, the shell will slide on the ground and fall off the edge of the platform or disappear hitting any players in the way
Red Shell A red Koopa shell from the Mario series. When thrown, the shell will slide on the ground back and forth for 20 seconds hitting any players in the way.
Flipper A throwing weapon that stays in the air when thrown. When it is hit, it spins, and if you touch it, you will bounced off of it.
Freezie A weapon that freezes an enemy when thrown at them and also pops them in the air.
Mr. Saturn A throwing weapon that will only move the enemy if they are highly damaged.
Bob-omb A enemy in the mario series that does massive damage when thrown at an enemy. If left alone the Bob-omb will walk around and explodes on any players that touches it.
Motion-Sensor Bomb A proximity mine that sticks on platform or structure. When approached by a player it will explode.
Starman An item that bounces around until a player touches it. The player will become invulnerable for 8 seconds.
Parasol A item that slows your decent when falling
Screw Attack An item from the metroid series that will allow the holder to perform a screw attack by pressing B+UP. If thrown at an opponent they will perform a screw attack.
Metal Box An item that increases the player weight. Making him fall faster and hit less further
Bunny Hood An item that allows the player to jump higher, fall faster, and run faster
Cloaking Device Makes the player invisible for 10 seconds. (The player can't take in damage while invisible)
Barrel Cannon A heavy item from the Donkey Kong series. When thrown it will roll on the ground. If anyone touches it they will be trapped and must shoot themself out. They will be shot in the direction the arrow is pointing in
Party Ball A heavy item that contains items. When thrown it can do damage to an opponent and then it will float up in the air an release some items.


Name Description Restores
Cheese yellowish orange wedge shape 3
Grapes purple color with triangular clusters 4
Donut donut shaped, half red-brown, half yellow 4
Beef Bowl white bowl with brown and bits of red filling 7
Watermelon light green with dark green striped round 6
Ice Cream light brown cone with white ice cream 3
Pizza brown, yellow, and orange oval shaped item 8
Melon green circle with a stem that forks in 2 directions 6
Banana Bunch Three yellow bananas bunched together 5
Chinese rice a white and brown dish, with white and green, yellow rice with sauce 7
Sushi Platter tray with green seaweed & different sushi 8
Sweet Dumpling red, white, green balls on a stick 3
Rice Balls white triangle with a black square 6
Orange a orange circle 4
Noodle Tray square container of rice with a drink and a desert 5
Hamburger sesame seed bun with cheese, lettuce, meat 6
Turkey turkey on plate with greens 7
Curry Rice white and red bowl, with greens, sliced meat, and potatoes 7
Cup of Coffee white cup with a saucer, coffee with cream 2
Milk Carton blue and white milk carton 5
Spaghetti white bowl of pasta with tomato sauce 6
Omelette white plate, light yellow roll, red sauce, greens 7
Strawberry red triangle with green steam and leaves 3
Mushroom dark brown with stem 5
Juice wine glass with yellow liquid 3
Sesame Chicken white bowl with brown lumps, seasame seeds 7
Apple red circle with stem 5
Meatloaf rectangular pan with brown filling 9

Other items that heal

  • Red Apples from the kirby dreamland stage with the tree restores 8 damage
  • White and pink eggs from Chansey restores 7 damage


Advanced techniques

Here are some techniques that will help you improve as a player. Some are more useful than others, but all are generally signs of an advanced, tournament level, player. Some of these moves don't even appear to be real moves, but are instead ways of manipulating the games physics & controls.

  • L-canceling

A technique to speed the recovery of an aerial attack. To perform, Press L, R or Z when landing from an aerial attack. To be more precise, when you see puffs of dust surrounding the character.

Used so you can attack instantly after an aerial attack. Very useful with, for example, Link's Down+A aerial which has a long recovery time.

  • Wave-dashing

A technique that lets you glide and attack at the same time. Very difficult to master. Point your control stick diagonally without moving. Then jump, and immediately press L or R. This will make you glide across the ground in clouds of dust.

Used for showing off. Seriously? It's great for hit-and-run tactics. Wave-dashing is as fast as running or even faster with some characters. You can wave dash forward, attack with a fast move and wave-dash backward without fear of retaliation most of the time. You can also edge-hog (more on that later) immediately by wave-dashing off the ledge.

  • Triangle-jumping

A delayed wave-dash which moves you with less horizontal distance. Like the wave-dash, jump then quickly air-dodge into the ground. Unlike the wave-dash, a triangle jump is performed after your feet leave the ground. Controls more accurately than wave-dashing.

  • Edge-hogging

Hogging a ledge. Jump backwards to a ledge and you will hang from it. Another method is wave-dashing into the ledge.

Purpose is to prevent foes from grabbing it so that they fall to their demise.

  • Shield-grabbing

Grab while your shield is on. While shielding, press A and you'll instantly grab. If you're being aerial attacked, your opponent must use L-cancel or you can just shield and grab. Shield grabbing is more efficient than normal grabbing with the Z-button.

  • Short-hopping

A low jump. The easy way is to tap the X or Y button light and fast. Forget the other method. You can use an aerial attack faster than in a normal jump. Very useful with, for example, Marth's aerial A. It's also used for comboing.

  • Dash-canceling

Stop while dashing. Press Down when you dash to slow or completely stop movement. To fake out dashing and surprise your foe. Not that useful.

  • Crouch-canceling

Crouch to receive less damage and knockback. Press Down when being hit. Protect yourself from being hit off the stage. Useful with lighter characters.

  • Dash-dancing

Dashing in either direction. Quickly tap the control stick left and right. Useful if your airborne opponent is trying to avoid you.

  • Standing dash-grab

Grabbing in a standing position while running. While running, press Up then immediately Z. It's faster than a normal grab since you're grabbing in a standing position instead of a lower position.


Short hop, fast fall, L-Cancel. Use the directions above to do a short hop, followed by your aerial attack of choice, a fast fall (hitting down to make your character drop rapidly in free fall), and L-Cancel to recover from any recovery time your aerial attack may have. The ultimate, most efficient way to utilize the short hop aerial attack.

A series of videos was also created in 2006 to help aspiring players learn these professional techniques with ease.

Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

Adventure Mode

Mushroom Kingdom

Action Stage

Take a step back in time and relive a classic World 1 moment from Super Mario Bros! Goombas and Koopas are all over the place, and you must rescue the frighten Toad by reaching the finish line. A Yoshi team is ready to fight halfway through the stage, they are weak, so a simple hit will kill them.


You fight Mario or Luigi and Peach at Princess Peach's Castle.

Congo Jungle

Fight 1

You fight a Tiny Donkey Kong at Kongo Jungle.

Fight 2

You fight a Giant Donkey Kong at Jungle Japes.


Action Stage

You must find the room with the triforce. If you get a room with the Master Sword you must fight Link (in a random costume). You can get a bonus if you beat all Link's in the level. Watch out for Octoroks, Like Likes, and ReDeads.


You fight Zelda at the Temple.

Planet Zebes


You fight Samus at Brinstar.

Action Stage

You must get to the rocket at Brinstar Escape Shaft before times up and he whole planet is destroyed.

Pop Star

Fight 1

You must fight Kirby at Green Green.

Fight 2

You must fight Kirbys with hats of different characters.

Fight 3 (Optional)

If you beat the second fight within 30 seconds you fight a Giant Kirby whih will get you a bonus.

Pokemon Stadium


You must fight a team of playable Pokémon characters.

Lylat System

Fight 1

You must face Fox McCoud at Corneria.

Fight 2

Either you face a weakened Red Fox or Falco (If you unlocked him).

F-Zero Grand Prix

Action Stage

It's a frenzy of action pact racing, and unfortunately you appear at the wrong time - ON THE TRACK! Race to the finish, and avoid the F-Zero Cars.


You fight Captain Falcon at Mute City.



You must beat a team of three Ness.

Infinate Glacier

Action Stage

You must scale Icicle Mountain for forty-six seconds.

Fight 1

After the forty-six seconds two pairs of Ice Climbers appear and you must defeat them.

Special Stages

Fight 1

You must defeat 15-Wireframes at Battlefield.

Fight 2

You must defeat Metal Mario and Metal Luigi (if you've unlocked him) at Battlefield.

Fight 3

You must face a Giant Bowser at Final Destination.


Bowser has been defeated and you earn a trophy of your character and the credits roll by. If you beat adventure mode on Normal or a higher difficulty in 18 minutes or less sand and you haven't used a continue, you can face Giga Bowser.

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