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There are some missing characters like iku, belle, al, mari.

Super Strip Fighter 4
Credits | Soundtrack | Codes | Walkthrough


A = light Attack

B = medium Attack

C = strong Attack

D = grab

E = counter attack

Rape move list
Nina Forward + D. A. Disengage. B. Speed Change. C. Finishes. (Only VS Male Opponents)
Medusa Up + D. A. Disengage. B. Speed Change. C. Finishes. (Only VS Male Opponents)
Succubus Up + D. A. Disengage. B. Speed Change. C. Finishes.
S Down, Back + A or B or C. A. Mount Punch finisher. B. Speed Change. C. Finishes.
Al Down, Forward + A,A,A. (Final hit of Branch Palm grabs) A. Disengage B. Seed Change. C. Finishes.
Iku Up + D. A. Disengage. B. Speed Change. C. Finishes. (Only VS Male Opponents)
Jin Down, Forward + A or B or C, C. A. Switch from Vibrator to Rape. B. Speed Change. C. Finishes.
Rana Down, Back A or B or C, A or B or C. A. Switch from Blow job to Hand job. B. Speed Change. C. Finishes. (Only VS Male Opponents)

The grab button (or A+B) is used to grapple, and used in strip combos and SP special moves.

The counter attack button (or B+C) makes your character invulnerable to a single hit while charging, followed by a counterattack. The button can be held longer for a more powerful counter attack. If it is charged to level 3 it provides a wall bounce

Lessons to Become a great Strip Fighter!Masa

  1. recovery - press grab or down (crouch) when you get knocked to the ground
  2. SP special move - Performed by using grab in place of an attack button to execute a special move. This consumes half of one SP gauge. Unlike the STRIP gauge, SP gauges persist between rounds.
  3. Super combo - Performed by inputting specific directional commands followed by an attack button. A super combo will use one SP combo stock; two being the maximum held.
  4. Strip combo (Ultra combo) - Use the grab button instead of attack after inputting the correct directional commands. Performing a Strip combo requires a full STRIP gauge, which is charged by getting knocked to the ground, landing a counter attack, getting hit while charging a counter attack, or by Counter Attack Dash Cancelling (SP move gauges are separate and not required to perform a strip combo.) The quickest and safest way to charge the STRIP gauge is by using counter attacks. All characters have two selectable Strip combos.


To rape a girl choose a male character and finish the last round with a Strip combo (some female characters can rape the males). Then, when she is naked and helpless, do your special grab. For most characters; while raping, light attack will cause your character to stop, medium attack will change speed, and strong attack will give you a happy ending.

Note:  In order to finalize raping and continue the game you must use another Strip combo to successfully knock the opponent out.

Ready to learn special moves?Nina


down, forward = quarter circle forward

down, backward = quarter circle backward

forward, down, down+forward = dragon punch motion

forward, down, backward = half circle backward

(down, forward)X2 = two quarter circles forward (duh!) :D

charge = hold direction for a couple seconds


ice wave - down, forward+attack

Spin slash - down, backward+attack

Shoryuken - forward, down, forward+attack

Super combos

Super ice wave - (down, forward)X2+attack

Super spin slash - [in air only] (down, backward)X2+attack

Strip combos

Nude Shin Shoryuken - (down, forward)X2+grab

Ultimate Glacier wave - (down, forward)X2+grab


Lion Shot - down, forward+attack

Flying headbutt - down, backward+attack

Falling knee - (in air) down, backward+attack

Lion Kick - forward, down, down+forward+attack

Super combos

Lion Cannon - (down, forward)X2+attack

Double Lion kick - (down, backward)X2+attack

Strip combos

Lion Rush - (down, forward)X2+grab

Rage of the Lion - (down, forward)X2+grab


Eagle charge - charge backward, forward+attack

Butt slam - charge down, up+attack or (in air) down+attack

Fart wave - (in air) down, backward+attack

Teleport - forward, down, down+forward+attack

Super combo

Eagle Crusher - charge backward, forward, back, forward+attack

Super butt slam - [in air] (down, backward)X2+attack

Strip combo

Eagle Booster - charge backward, forward, back, forward+grab

Smelly Vortex - charge backward, forward, back, forward+grab


Energy toss - down, forward+attack

Titty Lariat - forward, down, down+forward+attack

Boob dash - down, backward+attack

Spinning piledriver - forward, down, backward, forward+attack

Super combos

Topless Titty Tornado - (down, forward)X2+attack

Topless Boob Barrage - (down, backward)X2+attack

Strip combos

Final Atomic Buster - (down, forward)X2+grab

Big Titty Tornado Piledriver - (down, forward)X2+grab


Electric whip - down, forward+attack

Sexy Lightning kick - forward, down, down+forward+attack, tap attack button repeatedly

Spinning Slut kick - down, backward+attack

Super combos

Rising Spinning Slut kick - (down, backward)X2+attack

Dominatrix - (down, forward)X2+attack

Strip combos

Supreme Dominatrix - (down, forward)X2+grab

Lightning sphere - (down, forward)X2+grab

Rape move

Crusher - Forward+grab


Greek Fire (Snake bikini top toss) - charge backward, forward+attack

Hair lash - down, backward+attack

Greek Thunder - Tap attack button repeatedly

Super Combos

Raging Greek Fire (Full snake bikini toss) - charge backward, forward, back, forward+attack

Extreme hair slam - (down, backward)X2+attack

Strip combos

Contricting Electric snake - charge backward, forward, back, forward+grab

Thousand Snake bites - charge backward, forward, back, forward+grab

Rape move

Old Fashioned H.J. - Up+grab


Sperm shot - down, forward+attack (possible in air)

Hundred tentacles - down, backward+attack

Tentacle Blades - forward, down, down+forward+attack

Super combos

Blow the load - (down, forward)X2+attack

Hard tentacles - (down, backward)X2+attack

Strip combos

Tentacle pummel rape - (down, forward)X2+grab

Tentacle stomach burst - [close to opponent] (down, forward)X2+grab

Rape move

Tentacle rape - Up+grab

S (Slave)

Strong punch - down, forward+attack

Hard pummeling - down, backward+attack

dashing uppercut - forward, down, down+forward+attack

Super combos

Really Strong punch - (down, forward)X2+attack

Brutal pummeling - (down, backward)X2+attack

Strip combos

No Babies Strong punch combo - (down, forward)X2+grab

The Abortionfist - (down, forward)X2+grab

Rape move

Missionary Rape - down, backward+attack, medium attack


Flash Fist - down, forward+attack

Randenkyaku - down, backward+attack

Rising elbow - forward, down, down+forward+attack

falling elbow - backward, down, down+backward+attack, attack

Back breaker - (in air) down, forward+attack

Super combos

Shin Randenkyaku - (down, backward)X2+attack

Paralyzer - [in air] (down, forward)X2+attack

Strip combos

Extreme elbow assault - (down, forward)X2+grab

R-max - (down, forward)X2+grab


Million blades a minute - tap attack button repeatedly

bloody sword - down, backward+attack

Sayaka special kick - down, forward+attack, down, forward+attackX2 when hit connects

Teleport - forward, down, down+forward+attack

Super combos

Banzai - (down, forward)X2+attack

True bloody sword - (down, backward)X2+attack

Strip combos

illusion dance - (down, forward)X2+grab

Giant energy sword - (down, forward)X2+grab


Juicy Torpedo - down, forward+attack, then forward or back+attack when near opponents head

Juicy Grind - down, backward+attack, attack

Wet slide - down, backward+attack, down+attack

slippery counter - forward, down, down+forward+attack

Super combos

Juicy shaft breaker - (down, backward)X2+attack

Flying Juicy slide - (down, forward)X2+attack

Strip combos

Flying Juicy coaster - (down, forward)X2+grab

Sexy Juicy combination hold - (down, forward)X2+grab

Rape moves

Wet sexy gyrations - up+grab (can be done as a normal grab)

B.J./H.J. - down, backward+attack, attack (press weak attack to switch from mouth to hands)


Standing Violation - tap attack button repeatedly

Lightning rod - down, backward+attack

Fat Boy running stop - down, forward+attack, light attack

Fat Boy running slide - down, forward+attack, medium attack

Fat Pervert assault - down, forward+attack, strong attack

Super combos

Fan Boy Fun Bag - (down, forward)X2+attack

Burning pleasure - (down, backward)X2+attack

Strip combos

True Violator - (down, forward)X2+grab

Wrath of the Raging Boner - (down, forward)X2+grab

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