Supercar Street Challenge is a racing game for the PC and PlayStation 2 gaming console made by Exakt Entertainment. It was released October 22, 2001. It was advertised on The Fast and Furious DVD as the game for the movie. The player can completely design their own supercar by choosing a body section and modifying how much to adjust that section. The game featured some modern-day supercars like the Saleen C7, the Pontaic GTO Concept, and the Callaway C12. It was criticized for having exceptionally long loading times. The player could choose several tracks per city, including cities like Rome, Monaco, LA and London.

List of cars

Class C

  • Bertone Pickster
  • Lotus Project M220
  • Rinspeed E-Go Rocket

Class B

  • Callaway C 12
  • Pontiac GTO Concept
  • Vision CTEK K/2

Class A

  • Fioravanti F-100
  • Pagani Zonda C-12 S
  • Saleen C7