Cheat Codes

These codes will work in the skirmish/multi-player screen only as long as you set Cheats to 'on'.

Delete units - Target a unit then delete it.
[ALT] + [A]
Toggle Opponent AI - Units will follow orders given before command is used, but commander will not issue anymore.
[ALT] + [F2]
Spawn Menu - Aim where you want to spawn a unit, then hit this and you can spawn any unit under anyone's control.
[CTRL] + [ALT] + [B]
Bling Bling - Max out your resources, increase Mass/Energy capacity by 10,000.
[ALT] + [N]
Toggle Damage - Makes all units in the game invulnerable, including your enemy's.
[CTRL] + [K]
Kill Selected Unit.
[ALT] + [T]
Teleport Selected Unit.
[CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [C]
Copy Unit/Structure.
[CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [V]
Paste Unit/Structure.


Cheats in the campaign

Back up the file you are editing, or you may need to re-install that file from the game disc.

Locate the game.pref file in the current user's directory (for personal machines, it is the administrator or whatever user name you log in as under Windows XP). For Windows XP, the directory is often ...\Local Settings\Application Data\Gas Powered Games\SupremeCommander\... .

Open the file using a text editor like Notepad (note you need to save the file as *.PREF not anything else) and add the following string(s) above the string profile = { (this should be the first line):

debug = {
enable_debug_facilities = true}

Then, save the file. Boot the game and start a new character profile and start a new mission. This will not cascade to old or existing saves before the hack -- you also don't need to cheat until you want to. Then use the previous cheats freely.

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