The Surface is the 4th level in GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64. It is the first level that takes place in Severnaya.


  • Secret Agent: James Bond
  • Mission 2: Severnaya
  • Part i: Surface

Mission Objectives

  • Power down communications dish (Agent+)
  • Enter base via ventilation tower (Agent+)


A spy satellite has detected inrease levels of activity at an old observatory complex near Severnaya (62.08n, 102.58e) in Russia.

Other sources have confirmed the shipment of a large amount of computer hardware to that specific location, and an influx of skilled personnel.

M Briefing

It might be coincidence that there is a new head of the Soviet Space Weapon Division, your old friend General Ourumov, or it might not.

Penetrate the base and find out what is going on. Building plans for the underground section would be ideal. They're unlikely to be lying around so look for a safe - there's bound to be someone you can borrow a key from.

Q Branch

I've looked over the recon photographs and I advise you to stay clear of the main bunker entrance by the Helipad. However, there seems to be a ventilation tower nearby which would make an excellent spot for a covert entry. You ought to power down the comms dish, too, no point in letting them tell the whole of Russia you've dropped in.


It's cold in Siberia, James.

Make sure you wrap up warm and take care to protect your extremities.

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