Scene from City of Heroes, V2 #10

Real nameLena Elliot
Previous affiliations
Notable powersKinetics, Psychic blasts
NotesRobin to Manticore's Batman.

Swan is one of the signature heroes in City of Heroes.


Like Numina, Swan's parents were both mystics, and Swan herself was born on the Vernal Equinox, which gave her very good luck throughout her life. When she was 21, her family was attacked by both the Circle of Thorns and the 5th Column (precursors of the current Council), who were searching for a pair of mystical rings. Lena's powers manifested and she was able to create a shield around her family. Manticore, who had been following the 5th, came to their rescue and the two of them fought the villains off. Unfortunately, the 5th Column managed to kidnap her parents in the fight. Swan became Manticore's sidekick in the hopes of one day finding them alive.

It's unknown why she chose the name Swan, unless it's to emphasize Manticore's simularities to Batman.


Swan is the trainer for Brickstown near her mentor.

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