Swordfish Studios was a British software development company based in Birmingham founded by Rage executive director Trevor Williams and Joan Finnegan (wife of Paul Finnegan, former managing director of Rage Software Limited) in September 2002.[1]

Games developed by the company include two best selling International Rugby titles, including World Championship Rugby. Others include Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 and Cold Winter. In 2004, Swordfish Studios was named 'Developer of the Year' by the Independent Game Developers Association.

Swordfish Studios was acquired by Vivendi Games in June 2005, and became a fully owned studio of Sierra Entertainment. As of 14th November 2008, Swordfish Studios was acquired by Codemasters after an agreement with Activision Vivendi.[2]

As of 6th April 2010, the studio was closed by Monumental Games[3]


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