Sylvarant is home to the Tales of Symphonia characters Lloyd Irving, Genis Sage, Raine Sage and Colette Brunel. It is currently under the iron fist oppression of the Desians. The Desians take prisoner unruly citizens of Sylvarant and have them work in their Human Ranches and implanted with dangerous Exspheres. Sylvarant is currently experiencing a "depression" of sorts. Problems such as food shortages and droughts plague the world, as the all-important Mana is being sucked away. It is generally accepted that the Desians use up most of the available Mana when creating their advanced technologies.

The Chosen One in Sylvarant is Colette. Sylvarant's biggest city is Palmacosta.

Towns in Sylvarant

  • Iselia
  • Triet
  • Izoold
  • Palmacosta
  • Hima
  • Luin

Other Places

  • Houses of Salvation
  • Hakonesia Peak
  • Lake Umacy
  • Thoda Geyser
  • Ossa Trail

Summon Spirit Temples & Seals

  • Balacruf Mausoleum (Wind)
  • Tower of Mana (Light)
  • Triet Ruins (Fire)
  • Thoda Geyser (Water)

Way back in the olden days, Mithos Yggdrasil split the existing world in two. Sylvarant is one half, and Tethe'alla the other. Since the Mana Tree was destroyed, both worlds are forced to vie for the same, small, trickling supply of Mana.

It was established by Mithos and his thugs that the worlds would take turns gorging in Mana. When one world is in ascension, the other is in decline. The ritual of the chosen is intended to shift this balance, bringing the declining world closer to the remains of the Mana Tree, and thus tipping the scale in an endless cycle.

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