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System Board Y2 is a low-cost arcade system board released by SI Electronics, LTD. in 2009, developed after Kaga Electronics had acquired SIE from Sega Sammy in 2008-07-01.[1]

Countering the contemporary trends of using PC-based systems to cut cost, it uses in-house system-on-a-chip platform to deliver a stable development environment. In order to cut cost, System Board Y2 relies on a long production cycle.

The product was originally announced in 2009-02-19.[2] The hardware was unveiled in AOU 2009 Amusement Expo on 2009-02-20.


  • CPU: YATA-2 ASIC (266MHz, 32-bit RISC CPU)
  • Graphics: 25000 sprites/screen, 1 million polygon/sec, 800x600x30fps resolution
  • Audio: 32 channels output
  • Storage media: ROM board, max 1.7GB program + 256MB sound
  • I/O:
  • Analog video: D-Sub 15-pin
  • Audio: 2 channel RCA stereo
  • Game I/O: JAMMA connector, JVS I/O connector
  • Serial: 1 channel
  • GPIO: 16 channel

List of System Board Y2 games


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